Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wonder, Wonder, Who!

Oouu, Who wrote the book on love?

Ok, so it was a song by the Monotones, but on this trip, songs like this kept popping up, or more like playing on the radio.

I guess I could claim we are writing A book on love! And for this couple, this trip was full of many moments to write about.

Just like the morning before, our day started with visitors…


With map in hand we set out for a 3 hour tour…a three hour tour! Actually, if we weren’t going to stop anywhere that’s how long the round trip drive would be. Add in sight seeing and it becomes a full day trip.

I won’t bore you with the drive from Aurora to Morrison…let’s just say we had lessons in road signs. Like always, we just laughed it off, and would be thankful we didn’t have a 30ft RV behind us this time.


The little town was cute but we came here to see the Red Rock Amphitheater.


Even though we were way up at the top we could hear each child or adult on the stage with any amplifying. Amazing!


We stopped at their gift shop and were told about Dinosaur Ridge. However,when we got there, the tour would take 45 min. – an hour. It was a rather warm day, in the upper 80’s and leaving Bella in the car was not an option. We agreed to do it another time. Like when we come back with more family.


Yep, the wheels kept spinning on getting the whole family up this way. We totally understand that if it is Gods plan, it will happen, someday, somehow.




To get to Dinosaur Ridge, you pass….




Since we had to backtrack to our tour route, hubby just had to check it out.




At first he stopped way up the staging lanes.


I encouraged him to get closer. I really wanted him to drive up and stage the truck but he wasn’t sure it was ok.983 


I know I try following the rules, but I also see this as an opportunity. The gate was open, no signs stopping us, no people stopping us. It was like God had us at the right place at the right time. If He had opened doors for us up till now, whose to say we couldn’t fully experience it.


Ok, the guy who owns the track or maybe who ever is driving that other car, but come on…when will we ever be in that moment again. In the end, respect won. We agreed not to push the door open any further.

Back on the road to where we detoured…the scenery, the ROCKS, I love rocks! And I am in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with the Rocky Mountains.


We stopped and had lunch in Evergreen….


As we headed toward Buffalo Bill’s Museum, we came upon some moose. We had pulled over to view the map as there was a fork in the road and we had to make sure we were going the right way. While there another car pulled in and asked if we could them. See what? Moose! Right over there, beyond the brush. Saying we hadn’t and deciding to go look for them, we pulled across the street, and just like other cars, we crept along gazing and clicking away.


Well that was exciting. So much so that when we saw a sign for a Buffalo overlook we took it. Darn signage. Kicked our butts again. We never did find the overlook (later we learned we didn’t go far enough). When we stopped seeing signs we thought we missed a turn. Back tracked to the point we thought we made a wrong turn and hadn’t but decided not to waste any more time and continued back to the main road.

When we made a turn around a curve, this is what we saw…


Right in someone's backyard! This is the MAN of the herd…


…and we watched him shoo him away another guy with a load yeya sound, and lunging toward him.  


Our final stop for the day is Buffalo Bill’s


The view from up there…




The only buffalo I would see, at least for this trip…




We found the museum interesting but Bella needed our attention. So while I shopped the gift shop, she managed to draw a crowd round her.


She just has to suck up the last attention before we head down a very windy road. Back on the highway to camp the only snag now was traffic. Something we NEVER have and really don’t know how people who do can deal with it EVERY day.

It was nice to get back to camp and to our very friendly neighbors…


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