Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Check Out Our Campgrounds

First we slept in.

Took long hot showers that cost $1.25 for 7 1/2 minutes. So it cost us. They were NEW bahrooms,very clean and once hubby worked his plumbing magic, we had decent pressure. The site we picked was just above it so the walk was pleasant.

Then we walked Bella.

Hubby cooked us breakfast.

Walked Bella again.

Did some grocery shopping. Made a run to Home Depot to repair, well actually not repair but solve a problem of Bella’s nails getting caught in the little holes on the RV step. Solution, buy some stair tread pads and Gorilla tape and walla, problem solved.

Walked Bella again, and again.

Basically, we decided to just hang out and give driving a rest. We did explore our surroundings though…


There is a big lake at the park…


We drove all the way around it….ok, so did do some driving today.


Found one of the beaches. On another day we did find even a bigger one.


There is even a marina. As we pulled back out, there is a road on top the dam, so we took it..



It brought us right back to our campsite. All the spaces in the park are like this, big, open sites. We have a big meadow in front of our site which gave Bella lots of freedom. Well as much as a 50ft rope would allow.


When we got back we had visitors…


Bella wasn’t to happy with them…they ate her food. Ok, we should have known better then to put her food outside and forget to grab the garbage bag. Call it a senior moment or out of practice. Hubby didn’t forget how to build a fire though. Even Bella had to get in on the action.


As the sun set, dinner grilling, Bella comfortable by the fire...we wonder, what wonders will we see next.

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