Monday, October 31, 2011

Back To Our Regular Scheduled Program

I forgot to mention why we were heading to Colorado.

This little one…


…will be turning ONE! Can you believe it?

With that said we got on the road to our destination for the next week.


We got settled in and were out walking about…


When we looked up and it was our son and his family.



  “The Boy” wanted to walk back with us.





  “Punky” loved her new backpack and  brother decided he needed to help her smile. Like this little girl needs any help with that. In fact, she thinks she doesn’t need any help at all and wants to do many things herself.








Even walking, she doesn’t really like holding your hand. But we kept at it.

And brother…well he was trying really hard to jump, I know it looks more like flying across the benches. In case you wonder, he never smacked the other bench with his face. Believe me we were worried he would.


So dad jumped in to help with proper take off and landing and off he went…



Sister is such a monkey see monkey do! Yes, she wanted to do exactly what brother was doing.





And brother would do what sister was doing. They were just to darn cute!







No sooner had we gotten back to our campsite when we saw someone else who wanted to play, or eat rather, right where the kids were playing.



We instantly went back down, ever so quietly as to not spook them. We were able to get within 10 feet of them. If we had offered them food, they might have come closer but there are rules.

It was the perfect end to a perfect day.


That is until we went out to dinner. It was terrible service, not much better on the food, but the company made up for it. We’re to be on our own for a couple days while they work and go to school.

And boy did we see some great stuff. Stay tuned!

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