Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let’s Celebrate!

Today will be all about “Punky”!

I can’t believe how fast the year flew by. Because of her, rough times were bearable. Her smile could turn a frown upside down.

Unfortunately daddy wasn’t feeling to good. Either he had to much fun the night before or he caught what “The Boy” had. The verdict was food poisoning.

While we waited for them to come, I did what I like to do for birthday,even if camping. Before we left, I packed some of her baby shower decorations in the trailer. I had also done birthday shopping for both of them, so it was packed away with the decorations.









I went to Safeway and bought a small individual size cake and decorated it.





Bella had such a good time with the kids and never tired of playing ball.






“The Boy” had a birthday a few weeks earlier so instead of mailing his gifts he got to open his along with sister







While we cleaned up dinner in preparation of birthday cake, more ball playing took place.



Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you….


We are so blessed to have had the opportunity and means to celebrate her 1st birthday with them. So much so that as long as they live where they are we will be making more trips up.

I couldn’t believe it was time to head back home already. Part of me really would have liked more time. Next time…3 weeks!

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