Monday, October 31, 2011

The Road to Durango

It was a  blessing to have tire trouble, that is if you can see things like we do. Sure it was inconvenient but from the changing, to the repair, the people we met, and Bella seemed to draw them in, we would have never had the pleasure we did. God seems to put people, even places in your path when we least expect it. We got to be a part of other’s journeys, just as much as they became a part of ours.  As I reflect on our journey to write this post, God’s plan was for it to be just what it was.

As we drove out of Cortez our view was changing rapidly.


The high desert was changing colors and terrain. It made me anxious to see what was ahead. With each turn, the view changed.


Durango was a cute little town. It reminded us of Nevada City, a place we visited often with the parents as we had property not far away in North San Juan. Antiquing in a place like this had been a thing of the past. I couldn’t enjoy it because they weren’t here anymore. It just didn’t ever feel right until now. I think, when you lose your parents, and they had been a big part of your life, it takes time to heal. Since it was not the only thing we had to deal with, it did take longer for some things to find their proper place. Slowly but steadily we have healed, grown, overcame, and made it through so much these last 10 years. Even the last 7 months wasn’t a picnic, but to now be, or again be, enjoying the life that God has planned for  us, it is right where it was all suppose to get us.


However, as we walked down main street, hubby, out of the blue, said…”Mom would love…” to a variety of places or things. Honestly, we felt them with us throughout much of the trip. RVing was something we did together. Our kids remember many trips with them. Now it’s our turn and this trip was just the beginning. It was just what we needed, to do something we always enjoyed. RVing with a destination but no reservations. Free to stop and go, stay or leave. Next time, we already decided, we will go for 3 weeks. Before you know it I will have him on the road for 3 months, the hottest in Yuma and the best time to get away. The times they are a changing around here, and ALL for the best. How can I not feelso blessed.


The road out of Durango was awesome…



Though we never saw any along this stretch…


We drove right past this point of interest only because there was no place for a truck and RV. But we could see the falls from the road…


The road just kept winding up and up…



We found a place to pull over for the Great Divide and some great people we met took our picture. We then returned the favor for them. That’s how RV’ers roll!


I have never seen a snow shed, never knew they existed. I wonder if I will ever see snow on it…very doubtful. However, never say never!


Del Norte  liked metal art…it was everywhere…


Between Del Norte and Alamosa we had to decide which fork to take.


The 285 would provide some awesome scenery, lots of mountain to go up and down. The 160 was more mountain but would take us to the 25, and honestly, we were ready for some highway travel. We were ahead of schedule, even with the tire delay, so we made way to Pueblo, CO for the night.


Off the mountain coming into Walsenburg…



As we pulled into Pueblo we learned there was an Air Show in Fort Carson and most places were booked. This KOA was no different then the one in Cortez and Flagstaff, it even had a miniature golf course. 


I am beginning to like these KOA’s. They called ahead to another one on the other side of town and they had room. Though not as nice, ok, we had to see a bad one sooner or later, right. By now we didn’t care, we just wanted to call it a night. In the morning, it was as desolate as it had appeared in the dark. The only neat thing was this giant trampoline…


Next up, we head into Aurora…are surprised by some guest just after we checked in…check back later as I continue with this vacation journal.

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