Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Had a REAL Vacation!

It had been a year since hubby and I got away for an extended period of time. Last years vacation was nice but it was planned around meetings, some work and a graduation. We did manage a few vacation type days, but this year we had 13 days of REAL vacation. Some work calls were expected, but other then that, we just took off, hitting the back roads to Colorado….

No navigation system…













Just a road atlas, and we were off…

We had the Magellan with us but never used it. We had to take some highways…


I must say I am getting pretty good at taking pictures while traveling 65 mile per hour.


Our first site seeing stop was Montezuma's Castle…


Bella had a great time as well.

Back on the highway to…


I have driven by, but never really through. What a beautiful little town. We decided we need to come up here more often. Not that far from home that we couldn’t do a weekend trip. Now that I am getting the hubby on the road again, I see more get-away’s ahead.

We had never stayed at a KOA before. Years ago they were known as the worst campgrounds in the not so great places. The one in Flagstaff was beyond our expectations…


We were back on the road the next morning, heading north, destination 4 Corners for our site seeing and onto Durango, CO for our nights rest.

The Painted Desert is ahead…


We made an unexpected detour and just awed at the scenery


I only wish my camera picked up the actual color. Just like how the Grand Canyons view can amaze you, the Painted Desert is just that, a living, 360 degree painting and it’s all around you. 


Things were going great. We were just going to make a quick stop for a snack and let Bella do her business …



Yep, there really is a town way out in nowhere called Mexican Water…





when we spotted…



A BIG gash out of the tire.



We have no idea when, but what we can figure we hit more of the wheel barrel on the highway the day before then we thought. Did I forget to mention that? That’s how much we thought about it then too. We had been on the 10 for sometime when ahead of us, a wheel barrel flies out of a truck and as cars are swerving to miss it, just like us, it’s bouncing and breaking in all directions. Unfortunately the guy behind us, couldn’t see it coming once our trailer cleared his view. Not all of us stopped on the highway. Hubby felt he had missed it. I thought I had seen a piece come out from under the trailer as I looked back so he checked things over and we saw no damage. He was always good about checking the tires every time we stopped. I’m sure I have mentioned other tire  problems lately, so we have learned how to roll with this one too…



Even Bella had to see if she could be of help







Plus the view was awesome!





We knew4 Corners wasn’t to far ahead but figured we would go into Cortez, get a tire and back track in the morning. 361

When we came upon our turn, hubby pulled over, checked the spare and decided we could continue on our original plan and stop, then head into Cortez for the night instead of Durango.


Unfortunately they don’t allow dogs  on the monument.



We even tried doing the self snapshot thing…we were just in the moment…many more moments ahead.




As they lowered Arizona’s flag we headed into…


The next morning we took care of the tire situation…


And Bella got to see her first ground squirrels…


Tires, gas, food, ice, Bella feed, and walked, we’re ready to hit the road to Durango!

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