Monday, October 31, 2011

We Interrupt The Scheduled Program

I took a break from our vacation to catch up on other things we have been up too.

Before we even left the trailer needed some TLC. First I took all the NASCAR stuff out since we won’t need it till…well, like next week. At the time, which was mid Sept, it would be November. Traveling  for 2 weeks, we needed the space. With cupboards cleaned out, it was time to properly arrange them. The closet in the hallway really needed a make over. Before I had a shoe rack hanging to house hubbies, ok and my, hats. I decided it would be better used in the bathroom as a hand towel, wash cloth, hair accessory, storage.


It hung  perfectly on the shower curtain rod. Bath towels hang out the bench next to it. Most the time I will use the shower facilities at our location. It is a small bathroom with a small and I mean small tub. Visualize a laundry basket fitting in it perfectly, which is what I do with our dirty clothes. If do need to use it, lifting the laundry basket out is a minor thing.

With the closet empty we went shopping for new storage things and found these hanging shelves. With one on each side it leave the middle open for item that must be hung up.


It hangs close to the front which leaves storage space behind for the vacuum, umbrellas and other items. There is still spots for the hats, and I even left some shelves for hubby. Though while traveling, he never did use them so they worked great for souvenirs.

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