Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Brings New Life!

Back in March, before our adventure with our son began, these little guys made their debut...

When we got home from this last weekends trip over, another addition to the farm (it's our neighbor's farm actually but we get to enjoy it) came out with it's momma...

Proud Daddy!

Last night my hubby asked if I had seen the goose out at the well pump. So I went out to see and look what I saw...

I wonder if the eggs that are out from under her are okay. Shouldn't she be sitting on all of them? Now I have something else to distract me...I will check on her every day since I will be home for a while.


Because this weekend is our daughter's baby shower.

I am so excited! I get to go as a guest and not be a hostess. It will be so much fun. This time she has much of the needed supplies, so the shower is a Golden Book Theme Shower...

Hey diddle diddle,
The cat and fiddle,
The cow jump over the moon,
A new little babe,
Is coming our way,
And going to be here soon!

 were each of the guest are asked to bring a book...

Although cards are nice, they're read once or twice
A book is a treasure, forever and ever
So instead of a card to be put aside
Please give the baby a book with your name inside
Don't spend too much on it, doesn't have to be new
Any old book in good shape will do

Now a days they sure do come up with some unique idea's. I have already been collecting old Golden Books and they will be props. I also put together a special gift just for her and hubby. (Since she reads my blog I can't say what till next week.)

Before the event, us three girls, me, the mom to be and her daughter will get a pedicure together in the morning. Our first 3 generation beauty shop visit. Can't wait to get pictures of all our toes together. Making memories...my speciality!

Hubby is leaving to go back over to our son, alone this time due to the shower and Mother's Day. I decided to spend it at home with my daughter since she has been left behind through this. Plus, I didn't want to break tradition of our yearly 3 generations Mother's day photo. 

With our daughter on doctors orders not to travel or leave town, she has not been able to go over to be with her brother. She is already having contractions (they are not braxton hicks) and was at the doctor this afternoon. More then likely she has already begun dilation, but her midwife did not want to check her out since the exam could possibly increase the labor, something we don't right now. If she has more then 4 in an hour, she will need to go into the hospital to try and stop them. Her job, she is our office manage, is pretty much easy and so long as she takes care, she won't be ordered to bed rest. So, please, while praying for our son, can you add her to the chain, that she can at least get to 37 weeks. She never made it to her due date with her first 2, (2 and 3 weeks early) and this time she wants a water birth. If this little babe decides to come earlier, she won't get too. She has to be 37 weeks or beyond. Pray, pray, pray!


  1. Praying for all of you!! Take care and have a good Mother's Day!

  2. Spring does bring us fertility and the babies!

    Will keep both your kids in my thoughts and prayers.



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