Monday, May 16, 2011

Moving Along!

Literally! Our son is on the move!

He's gone to a new facility, a rehab center that is awesome. In the week he has been there, the improvement has been out of site. However, not in site of his children. He is so ready to see them and when they see him, oh my, I wish I could see it. Just knowing it will happen soon gives me goosebumps. Just knowing how their giggles and smiles can brighten a room and fill his heart. Bumpity bumps everywhere! Drops of joy leaving my eyes!

Our daughter is on the move as well...35 days or less!

Since her shower...sorry pictures of it soon, I promise. Just so you know, I left my camera at home. I'm sure some were amazed! With all I had to load up, unload, plus in between take the EllieBellie shopping before hand, it just got left behind. Waiting on photos to be sent or edited...she has been absolutely miserable at times. The last thing we need to do is wash the last of the babies bedding and put it all together.

It's been fun with all the guessing...

With all the wives bounces back and forth, leaving us with the normal 50/50 chances of it being a boy or girl. We do know that baby is very healthy and doing great. More then likely will be making an early arrival. No fear! Everything is ready.

Can't wait to see the new addition and welcoming he/she to Our Journey Through LIFE! Hold on tight, it's a lot of fun around here.

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