Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome Home!

Wahoo! Look who came home over the memorial weekend.

Don't you just love the banner the grands Bug and Buttons made for him. I had all the paint supplies so to have his kids add their touch but with only an hour visit the weekend before he was discharged, we just didn't get to it.

Our Journey has been so very busy!

As I write this post we've been doing this traveling thing for 8 weeks and there is still more ahead. Juggling life is what is happening in the main ring of this circus. By no means is it a circus around here. We're just try to see and enjoy all the blessings, positive, happy, soothing things we can when the bad tends to weigh on us. What we are juggling is the scheduling. With his out patient appointments, doctor appointments, visitation schedules, hubby's work schedule and the arrival of the new grand any day now, yep, life is a bit of a juggling act. And I won't even touch on my own aches and pains that I can only ignore for so long. I have rescheduled my doctors appointments 3 times now and have yet to get my scans done. I know I need to get to it once things settle down but I just don't know when that will be.

His first weekend home was filled with many friends stopping by to say hi. To see his home filled with all the love and support just touched our hearts deeply. Though the day was amazing, it could have been better had his 3 children been able to be there to welcome him home as well. However, he did get to visit with them all day on Monday, and in the comfort of his own home.

They played lots of games, we BBQ'ed hamburger and hot dogs, baked brownies, watched a movie and we all even went for a walk to the park.

As we headed home, they were snuggled up together watching the end of the movie and playing on the DSI before it was time for them to go home.

As I mentioned earlier, our daughter is about ready to pop! And I mean any day  now! I feel bad that I have not been able to be there for her more but she has an awesome husband who is taking GREAT care of her. It just dawned on me I never showed or told you about her shower gift. I don't even have a picture of it, silly me, remember I forgot my camera that day. What I did was a labor bag for her. Since she hopes to do a water birth I included a bath sheet (her bath colors so it can be used after, no gender preference), robe, custom hospital gown made by Annie and Isabel...

...along with other supplies for hubby and the kids as well, all tucked in a really cool purse that can be used as a diaper bag that coordinates great with her colors. The cradle was also redone with nuetral colors to match. All that is left is the waiting....


  1. Love the hospital gown!! I hope the birth goes well and she delivers safely!!

  2. so happy to see his is home, and wishing your daughter an easy birth :)

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