Monday, April 4, 2011

Time Flies When You’re Having FUN!

Since our last outing with the grand's, we celebrated this little girls 7th Birthday!

March 2011 056

She picked Red Lobster for her birthday dinner and was given the royal treatment with a private room for us, gifts and popcorn shrimp. As it seems to happen when you have a large party, food took a long time to come (though it was nice to be able to partake in some wonderful conversations while we waited, plus we let her open her gifts to pass the time). It is so hard for this grandma to be at a fish restaurant, smell and eye the lobster, crab, shrimp and not be able to eat it. The things we do for the ones we love! 

Come the weekend it was time to PARTY!

   March 2011 069 March 2011 070 March 2011 072

She wanted an OUT party. In other words, one not at the house. Since the Fun Factor closed, the new water park is not an option this time of year,and we couldn’t talk her into painting pottery, she was already dead set on Wild River’s 9thank you commercials) where they can bowl and play arcade games. I must admit, my daughter and I had our doubts (neither of us had ever been there) but once there we were so pleased and plan to go back. It looks nothing like a bowling alley.

March 2011 090

  March 2011 080  March 2011 121

   March 2011 139 March 2011 151 

They only have 12 lanes of bowling that are right outside the 4 private party rooms. Each set of lanes had sofas and a coffee table instead of the hard seats at a regular bowling alley. The staff was excellent and fulfilling any request we had and made sure our time was special and they went over and above and gold star rating.

As the kids played they kept the drinks filled and pizza available. we could also order other food and they would deliver it to us as well. We had a table set up for them to create their own goody bags.

   March 2011 076 March 2011 077

Once the bellies were full, their arcade game cards finished, and played a couple games of bowling it was time for presents!

March 2011 153

Then Thank You’s for coming…

   March 2011 162 March 2011 163

The next week was Spring break for the grand’s in town so I had these two 3 days that week. I just love having them around. Both love to dust and Bug enjoys running the vacuum. Grandpa even stayed one morning and made them waffles. What a treat!

March 2011 169

They spent afternoons in the hot tub (warm actually) and watched cartoons...

March 2011 045

And of course they played with the new bubble gun. Bella has just as much fun,or is it they have fun blowing bubbles for her. Either way it is fun to watch but hard to capture. Bella always comes out blurred because she is jumping and running after them.

March 2011 178

Over this last weekend when I was driving out to go to the store, I caught a glimpse of of these guys and just had to stop and take their picture.

March 2011 183

I love our neighbors little farm. I get to enjoy all the pleasures but none of the work.

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