Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day Out With Thomas

St Patty's Parade 214Part 2 of our day with the Grand’s  was a ride on Thomas. Though I had arranged our time well, I didn’t include a stop for lunch (which is why I had packed an ice chest with chicken, fruits and munchies)  that took us a good hour. As we headed up the mountain we watched the clock tick away.  We arrived just in time to meet our departure time.
St Patty's Parade 274St Patty's Parade 217

St Patty's Parade 215St Patty's Parade 233
St Patty's Parade 237

The kids were really happy they meet the conductors and even got to make announcements for him and wear his hat.
St Patty's Parade 246St Patty's Parade 242
After the ride there was plenty of activities for the kids to play. The big slide, golf land, and bounce balls were their favorites.
St Patty's Parade 257 St Patty's Parade 260 St Patty's Parade 261 St Patty's Parade 263 St Patty's Parade 264 St Patty's Parade 268 St Patty's Parade 269 St Patty's Parade 272St Patty's Parade 276 St Patty's Parade 277 St Patty's Parade 279 St Patty's Parade 280 St Patty's Parade 281
Auntie Ber was so nice to stand in line while they played until it was time for their picture with Sir…what ever his name was. Our littlest, Peanut, thought the world of him and was just so darn cute. I think she had him wrapped around his big finger.
 St Patty's Parade 289 St Patty's Parade 290   
It was time to say good-bye to Thomas and thank him for a wonderful time.
   St Patty's Parade 299 St Patty's Parade 297St Patty's Parade 293
As you can see…we all had a great time!


  1. We had a day out with Thomas the Train two years ago and had a great time too!!

  2. First off, thank you visiting my blog & following. I am now following you. Do you know we live in the same town? I was so surprised when I read your profile. We aren't planning to be here for too much longer (or however long it takes to sell our townhouse). We are moving to Gilbert, AZ to be closer to our kiddoes. This post about Thomas brought back fond memories of our grandson during his total addiction to Thomas the Train. Cute pics. Nice to meet you!

  3. Looks like some good memories with the grands were made again. They are all so cute and glad you had a good time. Hugs!



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