Monday, April 11, 2011

Is This Really Happening!

Our Journey Through LIFE's has brought us to a BIG mountain, kinda like Mount Everest...

Not to many can say they climbed it.

But we WILL!

We WILL climb through each stage, rest along the way, embrace those and that around us, share the journey at each point mile post, and SURVIVE this mountain, Big "C"! 

Our fireman son has been diagnosed with cancer. A couple months ago, what began like any other check, transformed into this rare cancer. Let's just say we are very, no VERY scared. He will have a lengthy, severely RISKY surgery on the 20th. Please, can I ask you all to keep him in your prayers. Right now it is in God's hands and of course the surgeon.

I must say the fire department and their whole organization has been wonderful. As parents, we couldn't be more at ease of the out of this world care, support, blessings, and most of all the love he is receiving. During our many talks and visits, making plans, dotting I's and crossing T's, all those who have stepped up to relieve of us of the many burdens, our appreciation and thanks seems to not be enough.

I will keep you all updated as often as possible. This is so hard on all of us, please understand.


  1. OH NO! Everyones worst nightmare and even worse when It's one of your kids. I could take it for myself but not my children. I'd lose my mind.

    I hope you are able to stay relatively strong on the outside for your sons sake although you must just be crumbling on the inside...

  2. OH MY Elizabeth, I am so, SO SORRY to hear this!!! All of you are in my prayers. Please let us know how he is doing... if there is anything I can do to help please let me know!! Im just so incredibly sad to hear this, you have been thru so much.

  3. Deb, Can't dwell on what we have been through, and try really hard to not dwell on what is ahead. I am blessed to be surrounded by some really awesome family and friends.

    I did hear that a fellow fireman was doing a fundraising run for him. As soon as I get information I will surely post it.

    Amelia, Yes, you know me so well, LOL! My daughter already made a similar comment to a friend, "You know mom, she's putting on a good front".

  4. So true... just know we are all here for you when you want to rant and rave... scream and cry... Looking forward to hearing about the fundraiser.


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