Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can I Just…


…pretend nothing is happening!

Just for one day, how about an hour, but lately I’m lucky if it is minutes.

Our family is really rallying together and coordinating all the logistics is amazing. Thank God for all the people he has put in our lives for they have stepped up and relieved us of many burdens. Praise God!

So while the visiting baby…(yep our son’s twin, the policeman/lawyer came for a surprise visit before his brother has surgery. Unfortunately he has to leave Thursday due to work and school)

Photo04081423_1(Sorry for such a funky picture but I haven’t upload the ones off my camera and this came from my phone) 

…took her nap, I took the hour to browse around!

Look what I found…

Melissa and Kellie of Icing Designs show how to make them.

donut pops 009

I just might have to whip up a batch for the nurses next week!

Blessings for having a blogging world to distract one. I’ll have a lot of time next week to catch up on a lot of reading, so I best get back to all the preparations still needing done.

Like shop for:

  • Easter gifts for all the Grand’s
  • Supplies for son’s hospital stay
  • Extra dog food to have on hand

Then we need to get things done before we leave like:

  • Clean house (daily chore with 3 big dogs. Can’t really blame the little one for all the hair but he does his share of lazy piddles the you know what me off!)
  • Mow the lawn (been trying for 2 weeks, first it rained, then the mower had a flat, store was out of tires so we had to wait for them to come in..thank you John Deer!)
  • Drain the pool (we were trying to get this done before now but LIFE got in the way, like the lawn since that is where we drain it).
  • Refill the pool (Probably the east job to do).
  • Finish the party storage shed so we can get everything put away so it’s not out while we’re gone.
  • Put all the party stuff on the patio away in the new shed.
  • Stay on top of laundry so it doesn’t back up but is ALL done before we leave.

I’m gonna stop there…it was beginning to freak me out. With all this we have company coming this weekend, but thankfully the guest house is ready to go. Just a quick dust and vacuum.

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  1. Having five big dogs, I know just what you mean. For us this is mud season. It drives me nuts.
    I do hope things go well for your son and all of you.


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