Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Besides having this  little girl visiting (uploaded them pictures)…
IMG_2242 IMG_2300 IMG_2209 IMG_2236
who can really distract just about anyone with her beaming smile and bubbly personality, I also distracted myself by trying to figure out Easter ahead of time. Since my son will be spending Easter in the hospital I thought…..oh this is dangerous!
If you were a nurse, would you love it if the family of a patient brought in a bouquet of these…
daisy cookie pop
Check them out at The Tomcat Studio for a tutorial by Marian from Sweetopia on how to create them. I love these ladies…they are so creative. If only mine came out as perfect as theirs.
I thought I could expand on my creativity and try some other flowers as well so it is a mixed bouquet. Kind a like these…
  TOY223_s CO-379_sq
The one one the left is from Cookies in Bloom. I love the one on the left too from Gourmet Cookie Bouquet.  I could buy them but I CAN also make it andit be more personal for a lot less. How ever it comes out, it will be something to show our appreciation for the care of our son.
Then I found this cute little guy at The Party Animal…
I thought I could make buy two premade cupcakes, wipe off their icing and leave them behind for the Grand’s here since we’ll be with him. Right now, the plan is to leave their baskets, a few special eggs and goodies, with a note (something like we did for Christmas) stating why the eggs weren’t hidden.
My daughter has never had the Easter bunny come to her house, it has always been here. We all head to church and last year we added the sunrise service to our tradition. Since she works within the Children’s Ministry she is there till lunch and it gives us a chance to go home and do the bunny thing.

I just need to figure how to fit our tradition around our son. Something I had to do almost 20 years ago when he was in the Shriner's Hospital and had the ilizorav put on. His brother and sister had an egg hunt at the rocky beach we RV'ed at until a space opened up at the hospital for us. Seems like De Ja Vue.
Thanks blogger world for the distraction.


  1. I don't think you should be worrying too much about tradition at this time. I know I wouldn't but if you can and want to then good luck to you!!! You do more than I ever would anyway!!
    I'm still keeping you all in thoughts...

  2. She is such cutie!! Try to keep everything simple! Thinking of you!


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