Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Shouldn't Be Surprised!

But I am! But then again I'm not. After all our sons ex has not made life pleasant for a long time. We did hope that our sons battle with the Big "C" would cool her jets, but it hasn't.

On Friday night of the weekend before his surgery, our son got in, gosh I can't even be sure of the exact time, must have been around 7:30-8:00 probably. He'd been here a while when he received a rather strange call. A few jester's as to what's up?, were being exchanged between us. Then heard, "officer, you don't understand!"....and knew his ex was again up to something.

Grandpa and the kids were watching a movie when the call came. I am so proud of our son, he made sure they did not hear him as at one point the officer was treating him like a criminal, only becaue his ex always tries to paint a picture that is beyond reality, and he couldn't find anything on him. Why, because he's not a criminal. The officer begins to share his opinion of parenting. Be it the meds they have him on, or just the frustration that these type of things have not stoped, but the last I heard before going out was "let's go to court. I've done nothing wrong and we were just in front of a judge 2 weeks ago for similar stuff."

After his call, he came out to talk to us.Why did she call the police...are you ready...you will probably laugh like we did...because the kids had called her and she didn't like the song my son was singing in the back ground. It really wasn't a bad song. He was not singing it to them, nor with them. It was just on and he sang a long.

She tried to convince the officer that there was a restraining order against him and there is not. She has tried 3 times over the last couple months but no judge, and she has seen 3 different ones, will order one. Why, because there is no reason for one!

This was just plain silly. When we think back on it we still just shake our heads.

First, the kids called their mom from their phone, that he has set up just for them to talk her so she doesn't have to call his or him hers when the kids want to talk to other parent. They are never told they can't call and they can call whenever they too. Whenever the kids talk to their mom when they are with their dad, they do so without being eavesdropped on. He gives them the space to talk freely with her. When my son talks to the kids when she has them she has it on speaker phone the majority of the time, listening in.

I guess the two youngest were arguing, or more like whining, over wanting to talk just as they hit town.One of them dropped the phone out of reach for the other when told to give it to the other. There it laid until the call from the police came. When our son went out to check the phone after his call, it was still on and had been on for 87 minutes. YES! She never hung up her end deliberately wanting to listen in on conversations or in this case the singing. 

Well, I guess from her out, we will have to make sure the kids hang up the phone. Life is always full of lessons and we continue to learn how to navigate through this one. Praise God for all His help. 

Today we are heading to our sons check in appointment and discuss all the options and treatment plan. Last weeks MRI showed it had just about doubled in size. Not a good sign but she still believes she can save his leg. Please pray that it is so. Our son can handle just about all of this, even his ex, but losing a leg could set him back a bit. Prayers, prayers, prayers...I believe in miracles and have faith in God's plan for our son.

Moving along in Our Journey Through LIFE!


  1. Those who are religious sometimes say that God never gives more that you can handle but sometimes I wonder about that...

  2. She is my mothers daughter! Well she should be because gosh knows Im NOT.

    You cant rationalize anything with people like this. And its so incredibly selfish she is doing this to her children when right now she would be rallying for their Dad!

    Im sorry she cant just take a step back right now and be supportive rather then vindictive.

    Im still praying for all of you!

  3. It always surprises me when people do some of the things they do but the kids will rememeber this and probably not think very well of her when they are older! Praying for your family, especially your son!



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