Monday, April 25, 2011

The Road We Are On...

...Has been winding around and going up and down at the same time.

For the last week I have been here...

It began with our final consult and questions at his pre-admit. What a surprise when we walked out and these guys were there to support our son...

The next day, bright and early we were back waiting for the Our Journey to begin.

I think the waiting is the hardest part. Fortunately this hospital has a paging system where a nurse sends out messages from the OR updating how the surgery is going. At one point, we hadn't had an update in 5 hours and hubby called the number available and got to talk to the nurse IN the OR. So cool! Soon after the doctor came out and talked to us on how it was going. He was in surgery for 11  hours. WHAT A LONG DAY!

The great news is, He made it off the table, but went through all 10 pints of blood and a lot of other blood products during it. Never did his vitals cause any alarms. He also came out with his leg! Though the tumor had grown from the last MRI it did not grow into the hip or the femur. He did lose about 1/6th of his pelvic bone, about the size of a banana. They were able to remove the tumor intact. Meaning no cancer cells escaped.

He was in ICU until Saturday afternoon and had to have another 4 pints of blood before leaving. When they moved him to a regular room it caused a setback. I can just imagine the pain such a move made, having to be transferred from one bed to another. Thankfully his doctor and the nurses are on top of it, as are his friends who are there rallying around him for added support. He has had many visitors but today;s visitirs, his kids, will be what really lifts his spirits. He has only been able to talk to them on the phone...

But to see them and hug them and kiss them...that is just what this man needs.

I really hate that we had to come home, but I know he is in good hands. Praise God! We'll head back over later this week. I hope to see him in a chair or really close to it getting in one. He will be in a chair for at least a month until he has built up strength in his left leg and arms to support him so he doesn't put any weight on the right leg. Right now it is all about pain management so he can move forward toward these goals. With any plan, there are changes and lessons, and we have already had our share of them and expect there will be more to come as we move through this. All we can do is move through thisjourney, one stepat a time.


  1. I am so glad to hear he came thru surgery and they got the tumor out in one piece! Many prayers continue for all of you!!!

  2. I've visited here a few times and really don't know what to say!
    It's wonderful news that the tumour is all out and that nothing escaped.Especially great is the support your son is getting from his work friends.
    I hope his recovery is uneventful and complete.



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