Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How We Celebrated Easter!

 I think if we ever get to have a holiday on the holiday, it just might throw us for a big loop.

Most the time, I would have already collected and put together the items needed for the occasions. Afterall, having a fireman and policeman's schedule, one had to be flexable. However this year, you all know we had a BIG distraction. I didn't know when I would have time to shop, none the less have the spirit. My mind was going a hundred miles an hour putting together all that had to be done from dog care to business arrangements over those 10 days we had. Easter baskets were put on the back burner for lawyers, doctors, and going over all those great  papers the hospital advises one to have in order. Those conversations and arrangements no parent should have to go through with their child, no matter how old they are.

For just one day, we did not think about it or at least tried not too. Our son brought his kids over the weekend before his surgery. He was suppose to have had them the weekend before when our other son flew in to be a family before his surgery, but his ex nixed it on him, (someday I hope these things stop) . No problem, we just shifted things around and had two weekends of celebrating before it instead of one. I see it as Blessings.

Our daughter gets those Bountiful Baskets through the church and that second weekend of family they had a natural egg dying kits with vegetables and sugar cookies with all the icings available. We bought both.

The "Grands" managed to create these memories for us...

First we decorated the cookies. They always have so much fun.

Our plan was to save one of each cookie that each Grand decorated to make a basket out of them for the nurses. Good plan, just Easter was still a week away. I could have frozen them but there still wouldn't be a way or place to keep them frozen or fresh. (I know we could have found a way) We would be in a hotel for a week so we let the kids eat them! Ok, so grandpa ate the first saved cookie on accident, so it was open game on the rest. He,he,he!

Then it was time to color them eggs...

Ok, so the natural way to dye eggs was not going to happen. I guess we should have checked into it more before boiling our eggs before hand hand. Seems you are suppose to boil the eggs in the vegatables to transfer the color. Maybe we'll try it another time. Thank God we had purchased one of those simple little kits. They had a great time. Monkey Man, well, he sure does like the color green and the girls, it was a toss up between yellow and pink.

While they swam, we hid the eggs. When they came in they didn't see the eggs and they all decided the bunny had come and hid them. I wished we had done a special note like we did at Christmas but the kids figured out on their own that bunnies might not know how to write, LOL. Since it was not a planned, ok, I did try to pull it off with many idea's and preparations but my plate just couldn't hold anymore so we all made due with what I was able to get done. They all had a great time even without all my little additions. Check it out, with nothing more then their shirts and dresses to hold the eggs...they were off!

I only got one picture of them hunting...they run so fast that most of them were blurry.Guess next year I will remember to use the action mode. I can't keep up with them but it might!

Our golden Abby found one of Peanuts eggs. She was so upset and just didn't understand why daddy couldn't fix it.

To make her happy we let her carry all the eggs into the house.

Though it wasn't really, then again it wasn't a normal Easter at all this year, we still made some memories though! And as always had a great time doing it.

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