Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time to Pick-me- Up

No I don't feel 100%! I do have my moments though, and believe me, they are just moments. My back still has the fever thing going on, but last night some fluid finally oozed out. (Sorry to gross you out) Can't say it made it feel better, in fact it kinda stung. Hubby did his awesome care and that did Pick-Me-Up some. I love his nuggets, no not those, get you mind out of the gutter, ha,ha,ha! It's a term my therapist gave him. She always points out when I am craving more then he can give, he manages to give me nuggets and she taught me to enjoy them. It's more like I need to see them and seeing them I am!

During some of my moments today I was able to reshape the cheese clothe ghost back into shape. See, he's been stored for a year and was kinda flat and deformed. With a balloon to support his head, I sprayed him down with water, added a couple clothes hangers to reshape his arms and he is now dried and ready for anther Halloween Boo Bash. Kinda of a Pick-Me-Up moment for the ghost too!

Once done with that I rested for an hour and decided tonight I would make ribs for dinner. Since I didn't take them out of the freezer yesterday, cause I didn't think if it yesterday,  I gave them a bath to thaw in. While they soaked in their tub, okay it was the sink, I once again rested. Sometimes it amazes me how often doing such minor things can cause me to be exhausted or cause pain. When they went into the oven I decided to work on some of the party candy. Wow, another Pick-Me-Up feeling came over me and I got 12 Witches Wands done and 10 candy ghost. Not all at once, it took me over a 5 hour span to achieve it, but that Pick-Me-Up feeling felt really good regardless.

After all that, it was now time for the thing that would Pick-Me-Up the most. My daughter came and she took me to get my hair cut. BIG Pick-Me-Up! It was great to spend time with her and our dear friend who has been cutting our hair for years. Unfortunately she has been battling cancer this last year and we were among the first of her clients to return. For us, it felt good to be there, to be talking and sharing, and in the end...not only did she Pick-Me-Up with a new look, but we got to Pick-Her-Up. Isn't that what family and friends do. Pick each other up.

My sister-in-law called yesterday which really was the beginning of my Pick-Me-Up journey. Without her call, I might not have Picked Up the mood to slow bake baby back ribs, make the candy, or get my hair done. Just when we need a boost, we get one. From a call or special visit from your daughter to share some most extraordinary news. I can honestly reflect over the last 36 hours and see all the special moments God had planned for me.

He knew I needed this Time to Pick-Me-Up and I am for ever grateful He allows me these special moments. I will rest as needed but I will also enjoy my Pick-Me-Ups!

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  1. How are you doing? I have been thiking about you and noticed you havent possted. I hope your feeling better!!


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