Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Monster Weekend!

I got my wish, better yet, our prayers were answered!

After a Saturday of watching the men do yard work, and a 'Grand' stomping in the yard...

Of course with Bella...

We headed out on our date, first out to dinner then off to the track to watch the Monster Trucks. The company that ran the show did a fairly good job. Though nothing like what we have seen on T.V., and some times it was rather boring (there I go again with that boring) it was nice to be out of the house, seeing friends, and spending time with the family.

Of all the moments of the evening, I think this, NO I KNOW, this was the best part. At the beginning of the event, after the national anthem, this fire truck began to whine. Actually I didn't know what the whining was till I asked and was told it was this fire truck...

And the whining was for this...

A jet engine inside.

Ok, tht was cool! But it got better. After the trucks, motorbikes, and quads did their tricks (sorry all my pictures were blurry), just before intermission, they brought the firetruck back out to set a couple cars stacked on each other on fire. Check it out...

Over the years I have taken a number of firetruck pictures for our son, but NEVER have I gotten one like this. It will be quite an addition to the collection and something we're sure to talk about for some time.

As if our weekend wasn't blessed by spending this time with the family.

We had only been home a few minutes when the call came for us to go pick up the little man. 

Yep, the new granddaughter was on her way. 

All of Sunday was spent between home and hospital and tending to the little man. Monday we got ready for baby sisters homecoming. Phew!

As soon as pictures are approvedfor posting I will fill you in on the details.

Thanks for stopping by. Love having you here.

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