Friday, October 1, 2010



Not at all!

Well maybe having to be stuck at home most of the week has been but there are other things going on that have kept me off the walls.  Unfortunately not out of bed or off the couch, but that’s ok.

Yesterday, hubby came and picked me up and took me to the ‘Grands’ school so we could have lunch with them. Why? Because ‘Grand’ Bug was chosen to work in the cafeteria for the week and wanted us to come see him do his job. He was so happy to see us walk in and he loved showing off his job of adding the cookies to the trays.

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After, since we didn’t eat the school’s lunch, not that it wasn’t or didn’t look good because their school has some awesome food, we decided to go to Brewster’s for lunch.  I have never been there since they opened and boy do they serve you a plate of food. The hamburger was outstanding and the fries, well, so much of them I commented there was enough to feed the homeless. I love that restaurants serve great food but when they serve so much and it goes to waste, well my mind tends to think of those  less fortunate how much they would enjoy it. Next time, I will order ala carte and we can share an order of fries.

Over lunch, my daughter and I talked about our current challenge and we can’t wait to get our assignments. I hope I get to make the item’s I pitched and the ones my daughter suggested. My brain has already been in the creative mode.

I was able to get ‘Grand’ Buttons measured for her Halloween costume on Wednesday during our Grandma Day and she doesn't  fit into just one size. Figures! Not only is this going to be her Halloween costume but she will wear it for her Alice in Wonderland Party next March.

Alice in Wonderlanded

I can’t wait to see how it comes out and see her in it. The fabric we picked out matches perfectly and I found some old buttons in my MIL’s old sewing stuff to use. She even had some black ribbon and lace that will work great. Unfortunately Bella liked the lace also and took off with it outside. I think I will be able to hand wash it so to use it, if not we saw some last weekend that will work also. Never a dull moment with Bella.

Just this morning while my SIL was here mowing my lawn, he sat down the weed trimmer wire and in a blink of an eye, Bella grabbed it and ran off prancing like ha,ha! Silly girl ran into the house to keep away from him and ran right into hubby who was able to get it from her. Bella is so funny. When you play with her and her toys, she fetches and brings them back. When she has something she knows she isn’t suppose to, it’s a game of keep away.


Because of my neck I didn’t make it to my Bible study on Wednesday. Of course it didn’t stop me from doing my lessons and if you haven’t heard of Jennifer Rothschild check her out. We are doing Me, Myself and Lies and I love it.  Some might think it means something completely different then what it is. It’s teaching us to stop and think about our thoughts. Stop thinking we are stupid, when we are not. Stop chopping us down, instead build us up. For me, after years of being told certain things by my family (father, brother and sister) it’s no wonder I beat myself up. NO MORE! In fact, no one will ever get to attack me ever again. I have acquired a might shield and His way will protect me from such people.

Also this week I had the pleasure of watching my son work on his 67’ Mustang. As I sat outside on my bench, I got a tickle in my heart as everything he does brings back memories of his dad at this age. Back then, the men would be working on cars, children playing around and the women chatting, sharing, and laughing. Now it was happening again, this time I am the grandparent, my kids the parents and their children are in my own yard and we all were having a great time. The ‘Grands’ were asking questions, wanting to help, along with playing. I know that what they are experiencing now will be a memory for ever. I hear it from my kids…remember when?

Tomorrow night is the Monster Trucks out at Cocopah Speedway and I hope I feel up to going out. My daughter and her family are going and it would be a load of fun! Hubby is worried of me going but I really want to go.


So it really hasn’t been all that boring this week. Plus next week I should be feeling a whole lot better and can venture out into the world on my own.

Thanks for stopping in. Thanks for following, even when my blog is kind a whacky. I enjoy reading my followers, and though I don’t always comment, I love visiting you.

Stay tune for more of Our Journey Through LIFE!

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  1. Wow, your life has really been full! In good ways (the grands, working on party-planning, etc.) and not-so-good (the pain and health concerns). I looked over at your photo site, too, and really enjoyed the photos. Thanks for commenting on my blog a while back, too.



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