Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What’s been Happening?


A lot!

My daughter and I have been working really hard on our parties. Not just the ones coming up in a few weeks, but ones that take us into next year. Yep, it’s never to early to start the preparations and a few are bigger then we have ever done, other then the wedding that is. All of them are keeping us jumping and searching and surely will take up more of our time as we continue to move forward in this venture.

We are now member’s of the Children’s Party Network and made the cut for an East Coast/West Coast Tablescape Challenge of theirs. 23 members from the east and west coast, yep that's 46 party prepper’s, will compete against each other over a New Years Children's party theme.  Once the theme is announced, each team will get to work and create a party so outrageous, so extraordinary, and so much fun, and it doesn’t stop there. After the tablescape challenge is finished and photographed they will auction off the two completed tablescapes, then donate the proceeds to Project Night Night. This charity distributes tote bags filled with a book, a stuffed animal and a blankie to children in homeless shelters. How fun will this venture will be! We are so excited to be a part of this and be amongst fellow party enthusiast. The idea’s and suggestions are awesome and we continue to learn things about this party venture. It will definitely take us to a new level and growth.

Besides the partying, other things that are happening is in my health department. A couple of the tumors are giving us a hard time to the point that it is time to have them rechecked. My right leg has been in constant pain for weeks now and is limiting my walking. Recently I had a bout with some really high blood pressure (190’s/90’s) then it dropped really low (60’s/40’s). I know, I know I probably should have gone to the ER but truly feel we had it under control in just a few days at no extreme cost.  I might need my medicine changed up some plus I must remember to take it regularly. I am not sure if the blood pressure has anything to do with the last couple of days, but I woke up Monday unable to move my head without extreme pain. My neck has been wrapped with heat and I tried using my brace, only for it to create a tremendous headache. Until that happened I wondered if traction would help but not once the headache set in. Tomorrow I will call for an appointment to get things checked out though and be sure there is nothing else developing.

As for the family, God is working in them in many ways that makes me praise him for his love for us. I know he is behind all the good that is growing in our family. I know he is behind what path my health takes and while I am still here, he gets full credit for all of it. We are his and he will take care of our needs. He is guiding us down roads we wouldn’t have taken had he not shown us the direction. Doors are opening while other’s are closing. Praise be!

All the what’s happenings have changed up my blogging some but hope to get back to it when my mind isn’t all jumbled from the meds, pain, life and it’s  challenges. I’m behind in posting my 365’s and I have grandma days to get up on the private blog. All in time…

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