Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Rock Baby-BaBy Q Shower

Monday we held a Co-ed BaBy-Q Shower for our Policeson and his love.
It turned out to be a bit hot with a welcoming breeze. My daughter and I had talked numerous times how we wanted the shower to unfold, but things kind of took a course of their own. She did get a bit stressed over it, where I just rolled with the flow. Since a number of the guest coming had worked shift the night before and it was a busy night, some came late where others didn't make it all. We adjusted food to accommodate the late arriver's and opened the pool up before food so they could cool off. The only game we had planned to do we didn't since it wasn't really a typical shower to begin with. No one seemed to mind at all.

I think the funniest thing that happened was when one of the guest greeted who they thought was our Policeson when in fact it was his twin. She gave him a big hug, good to see you, while our son over her shoulder mouth, she thinks I'm ?, grinning the whole time. As she walked away toward the pool where the other twin was, we just had to tell her. Everyone got a kick out of the confussion. The same thing happened at Chuck E. Cheese the day before. Only this time it was one of the kids thinking our Policeson was their dad. We just chuckled and add these moments to our collection of twin hap's.

Since It was hot outside, the Mommy to Be was more comfortable opening her gifts in the house. She received everything she needed to put together the nursery.

Our Candy Buffet was a big hit and everyone went home with lots of goodies.

I am waiting for my daughter to upload and edit her photos and when she does a complete blog of the shower and the decorations will be found on our party blog. I am hoping it gets done this week but with two kids of her own, car problems and work, her time is limited. It was so much fun putting together this Rock Baby Co-ed BaBy-Q Shower. I know the parents to be had just as much fun and appreciated everything we did for them. The new daddy was so excited he had the crib together the same night and by last night everything is in place in the nursery ready and waiting for her arrival. We are taking the cradle over tonight and I will try to get more pictures.

Be sure to check out our party blog, Two Kids and a Party
later this week for more details and tutorials.

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  1. Everything looks so nice!! Would love to know more about the candy buffet!!


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