Friday, July 9, 2010

Another Project Begins

No, it has nothing to do with the house or the yard.

My daughter is taking her kids to Disneyland in a couple weeks and we found all these cute skirts she would like for her daughter to wear.

I'll start off with this one from David Taylor Designs...

Isn't this just so cute! But for $240 it's a bit out of my league. Yes, it is gorgeous and something I might be able to recreate if I had one of those embroidery machines, but wasn't what she was looking for.

These are $55 from Pinkfushia...

I love the one with the button's and would be perfect for our Button's. She also has this one that is only $20 but doesn't come in the size we need and doesn't really say Disney either. It is definitely one I could recreate for dancing classes though.

Then I found this one from Dancing Dragonfly for $29.99 and it just screams Disney....

However, Button's wanted something with Ariel on it so more searching was needed.

Then she found a tutorial on how to make one of these ribbon skirts from A Feathered Nest. Yes, grandma could just buy one for Button's but wouldn't it be better if grandma made one for her. So my daughter bought an appliqued shirt and will pair it with a cordinating ribbon skirt I will create for her.

When she went out shopping, she got 3 skirts from the clearance rack at Old Navy for the price they sell one of these already made skirts for. I guess that means I will be making more then one! Ribbon wasn't a problem since we both have a collection of it already from other projects we have done. Plus I have a jar of old buttons from my hubbies grandmother that I will embellish it with. Button's will love it I am sure of that.

Scrapes of Heaven  had this darling set for $42.00 and I would have bought it in a heartbeat for her if she had wanted it. However, I could buy similar material in the colors of Ariel and make it for our trip to Disney World next spring. Since we will be there for 5 days she will need more then one outfit. So in the To Do file it goes.

My daughter will bring me all the supplies tonight and I will begin work on the skirt this weekend. I will try take pictures and post it all when I am done.

I am so happy to have my sewing machine back home. My son had borrowed it (yes, both of my boys can sew) and I plan to have my foot on the peddle a lot these next few months. After the skirts I will begin working on the nursery for our new 'Grand'. After all, it's a grandma's job, right!

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