Thursday, June 24, 2010

I LOVE My Life!

How could I not!

I mean, I have like the best life one could ask for!

I fortunate to have this very loving husband...

For 35 years we have loved, fought, grown, expanded, disagreed, agreed, and explored a life together. The bumps in our road, the sometimes mountains of problems we have had to conquer, that could break most, just made us stronger. These things were just stepping stones to where we are now.

My life wouldn't be complete without these three wonderful adult children...

(Hint to my children-I need an updated photo and not one I took!)

Who continue to awe me as they build their lives. Even when the cards they were dealt didn't make a good hand, they grew in ways that God had planned for them. I see great things ahead for all of them.

And they have given me some of the most amazing grand children in the world.

Now how could one not just LOVE this!

And I have one more due in October!

These 'Grands' fill our hearts and many of of our days with their giggles and spirit. They are sure the most collective bunch of personalities that tend to fit together like a puzzle.

Hubby has built/remolded a very nice place I get to call home. I've talked of my journey through this before so I won't repeat myself except to say, I LOVE my life! I LOVE my new space! I LOVE my hubby for providing me with it all. Praise God! For it is with Him that all things all possible. 

I can't just take off on a cruise around the world on a whelm...but I can plan some of the most wonderful vacations and family get-a-ways. Even the most simplest outings can bring the most memorable memories to remember. OK, so the family trip to Hawaii had a few snags, but all in all, it was fantastic! I am so blessed. These are a just highlights of some of our many trips.

                                        Germaine's on Oahu                 Dole Plantation Pineapple Express
Rawhide, Chandler, AZ
Sea World San Diego
Phoenix International Raceway
Sea World again, in fact we bought season passes
so we will be going at least twice a year for a while.
(still need to make it over this year but we will)
It has been interesting trying to pull together some of our amazing gatherings. It's a bit tricky with all the different schedules and activities but I am good at comprising. So we might not get Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving, Christmas on Christmas, Birthdays on Birthdays but we sure do celebrate our time together. Be it once, twice, three or four times a week or a year, for the ones who live out of town, anytime with the 'Grands' is always celebrated and cherished.

So Yes!

I will yell from the roof top, from a mountain if needed, that I LOVE my life!

And you'll probably read about it a lot here!

If you have been following me for a while, you would know the changes and challenges we had endured this last year. Though at times the stress appeared it would never end, it has and it continues to be where it should, in the past. In a way, it's like a garden, our family needed to be tilled, plowed and replanted. The love, the support, the encouragment we received over this time nurtured us and helped a great deal in the healing and growth. We have always been a strong family and this last year proved that. But we can't take all the credit because without God providing that strength things could have been different. I will always praise Him for the life He has allowed me to LOVE! Sometime's I don't praise him enough but he knows. As my Aunt has always told me...

He know's all, see's all, and take's all into account!

So how can I not lift my life to God and shout out the LOVE I have for it.

So yes, I can say loud and clear....I LOVE MY LIFE! This is Our Journey Through It!

Hang on tight because the year is just half over and the second half brings just as much fun.

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  1. It is so wonderful to be happy!! I am happy for you!!



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