Saturday, May 1, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Spending The Day With The 'Grands'.

We are about 20 minutes or less from their home
and can't wait to get me some big 'Grand' hugs.

We haven't decided what we'll do..we'll let then choose. Last night they called and were so excited to learn we were coming over. I just love hearing their little voices. More, I just can't wait to see them. I will not miss a single photo op with them so check back later for an update of this 'Grand' day!

As I was typing we past the area where a sheriff was ambushed yesterday. Going 80 miles an hour doesn't allow one to take a picture. There was a lot of vehicle and search teams. The five illegals are still at large. As I type from the car there are helicopters flying overhead circling the area.

Have a great Saturday...I know we will.

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