Monday, May 17, 2010

Ready For A Monday 'Grand' Day

After a very quite weekend, it's time for my weekly 'Grand' Day. After last week, I wonder what this week will be like. Since I missed out on my 'Grand' Day last Monday, it was made up many times.

Tuesday, while The Boy's mom helped me with my house, he palyed around outside and then they all stayed for dinner.

Wednesday was my make-up 'Grand' since it is a short day of school and no dancing, they were able to spend time in the pool, then in the hot tub and finally on the beach.

With most their time spent on the beach, they dug this real big hole, filled it up with water and had the best time. Even Bella had a great time with them.

Thursday was an unexpected 'Grand' Day. it was the day we found out that The Boy's mom and my son were indeed having a girl. My policeson had called asking if I could watch The Boy for a bit but I was headed to my doctors. Bummer.

However, later that afternoon, The Boy's mom called and wonder if she could bring him by for an hour while she took a test. I was finally able to accomadate her and while she was gone, him and Bella played on the beach.

As I get ready for todays 'Grand' day, I know one thing, we will be minus one 'Grand', The Boy. Him and his mom traveled back to Florida today for a 2 week visit with their family there. I already miss them. That little guy has captured our hearts and keeps us busy at the same time. Him, Bug and Button get along so well. I'm sureBug and Button's will be busy with Bella and help Grandma bake some cookies. I'll let you all now later how today's 'Grand' Day turned out.

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