Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Had to Share...

After all the kiddo's and their parents left last night, and as I cleaned up after it all, I realized the hot tub was going to need a cleaning. So first thing this morning I began the process of draining it. Bella, who is now enthralled with water was first attacking the draining water. To eliminate her bouncing around in the muddy water, I moved the hose towards the fence so it would drain into the neighbors pasture. I then went back to the tub and used the siphon to vacuum up the sand and dirt on the bottom of the tub. Next thing I knew...

Bella decides she wants to play in the tub. At first she was stuck, with her front legs in the tub and her back legs about 3 inches off the steps.

However it wasn't long before she got those back legs working for her and made her way into the tub. She would walk splash around on the seat and then began swimming from one side to the other. So of course I ran went and got my camera but by the time I got back she was out. I continued to vacuum which made her want to get back in and check out my work. Sorry these pictures are kind of blurry but she was one busy little girl.

I wonder if I should keep a camera around neck 24/7 to capture all

Our Journey Through LIFE!

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