Monday, April 5, 2010


We sure have had a very exciting last 24 plus hours and it doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. With this mornings aftershocks, I lost power for over 2 hours. Not sure why. Rather it was from the quakes or from the wind blowing what the quakes already jiggled. It is now back on.

Here is a look at how many earthquakes and after shocks we have had. I get confussed as to how they determine which is which. To me...they are all earthquakes.

Look in the left corner and it says 430 earthquakes are on this map. So far they have all been small tremors and haven't been felt them here.

Last night we worried about our business. We called our son and asked him to patrol by and ONLY call if there was damage. No call allowed me to go to sleep. However when they got in this morning, there were cabinet drawers opened, picture off walls and half to 1' gaps in the old brick walls. Fortunately they are on interior walls, but would still fall down with another big shake. Since we don't have earthquake insurance, any repairs are on us.

I wish the economy would allow us to build a new building. I know God will provide what we need and only he knows when that will happen. In 2008 we were in the planning stage of building a new one but when the market took a dive. We were thankful we were not effected since we hadn't begun construction nor finalized any of the paper work. We own the building and property outright so there is no debt against it. We've been waiting it out and now we are not sure how much longer we can wait before the building falls down. At this point it isn't a matter of IF but WHEN?


  1. so glad you all are alright!!!

  2. Glad you didn't get hit too hard!!

  3. It wasn't too long ago it seems that you had an earthquake, scary, glad you're ok. kare

  4. Yes, we had one around Christmas...this one was even bigger.



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