Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh My! What a Week We Had!

Has it really been a week since I last posted?

We were gone is one very good reason. We went to the NASCAR races in Phoenix last week.

Tuesday was spent packing the trailer and we left bright and early (well we were suppose to) Wednesday morning. We did get out just after 8 AM though. It would have been nice to have been on the road by 6 or 7, but ran out of steam the night before and had a few more things to finish up before we could. 

It's usually a 2 and a half hour drive but towing a trailer and with the winds blowing across the desert it took us almost 4 hours. But we did see a lot of the desert in bloom.

Usually we arrive on Tuesday but this year we were delayed a day due to work. I worried all the way there about the tight space we would encounter by being a day late. I like it when there are fewer RV's in their spots. It makes it so much easier to set ours. Surprisingly it wasn't as tough as I worried about. Sure we couldn't just pull through to our spot as we have before, but for Aprils race, our spot is closer to the beginning of the row allowing us to back in using the parking area that had no cars in it yet.

It was Bella's first time to the races and she did GREAT!

The 'Grands' arrived Thursday morning, just in time for gram's breakfast jacks. Then it was time to go shopping at the merchandise trailers. When I couldn't find what I wanted, we left the track and went to what I call the outlets. It's a bunch of merchandise trailers that are not affiliated with NASCAR and carry a lot of past years items. On the way back we stopped and showed the 'Grands' where one of the roads to the races was washed out from the recent rains we've had.

That evening hubby and I attended the Season Ticket Holder Reception at the
Budwieser Roll Bar.

After the reception it was time for the
K & N Pro Series West - Jimmie Johnson Foundation 100

The 'Grands' had a great time...

Friday was the first day to tackle the midway...

Usually we spend the afternoon in the pits for Nationwide and Cup qualifying but his year it was just to hot and they once again limited access to the drivers. We only spent about an hour in the pits since it was the pits! I did manage to get a glimpse of Jimmie Johnson practicing though.

We went back to the trailer, had an early dinner and
packed up our things for the Nationwide Race.

Ellie Bellie was all ready for the race to start...

But she didn't even see the first lap.

And the sun set as well.

Saturday and Cup Race Day begins with finishing the midway...

Bug was so excited...he was the first one in line and through the gate. Unfortunately I was too busy getting searched to take a picture of him at the gate. Guess one can't catch all the moments of life on camera. Some must just be in our hearts.

The people at the Sprint booth also thought the 'Grands' were cute and plastered their picture on the large screen for the whole midway to see.

We played some more games and Bug did the simulator of drag racing a Funny Car.

They both had their picture taken in the funny car as well.

We then spun the wheel for our prize at the Combo's booth.

We all watched their step dad race the go carts.

To not have a repeat of the last night, we made our way back to the trailer for naps. For some reason I didn't take many pictures before or during the race. So here are the few I did take.

In the time we were gone we now have had over 2500 earthquakes.

Most of them we didn't feel, even when we were home. Some speculate that the volcano Pinacate Peaks could errupt. I doubt it since it has been a long time since it has and it is further east then the quakes we have been having.

I do find it odd that these quakes are below and west of the San Andreas Fault. Could it just be the end of the the big one we just had and the ground is settling back down? Could we will still see a bigger one yet? With all the earthquakes lately, one does begin to wonder what is going on! I also find it odd that there is no coverage of these quakes as there was with Haiti. Since the trembling began, a lot of Mexico residents are without clean drinking water. Their buildings are becoming weak and unsafe. I can just imagine how uneasy they must be feeling each time a shake happens. Why is there no relief efforts for them? Here we will keep them in our prayers and hope that the shaking subsides soon.

So now I must get to reading about whats been going on in the blogging world.

Before we left for the races, hubby had my phone upgraded and I now get internet on it but didn't have time to set it all up before we left. Once completed, I should be able to read blogs while on the road. I wonder, can I post from the road as well?


  1. yes you can set up mobile blogging on your phone. Just go to your blogger dashboard and follow the directions for mobile blogging.

  2. Awesome pictures! I especially like the ones of your pups. It's nice that you were able to find a spot for the RV. And the sunset looks so pretty!



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