Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Easter Sunday To Remember!

Our day began in  celebration of Jesus's Resurrection with sunrise service. It was a beautiful morning and when the women, dressed as Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James, and several other women, came out sharing He has Risen, He has Risen...I actually got goose bumps.

After service, we shared in a breakfast with other members of the church who attended the service. It felt great to be a family, not just our family, but the whole group, the largest attendance for this early service (6:45 AM), all a family of God, celebrating Jesus. It was the perfect way to begin our Easter Sunday.

Afterward, Hubby and I headed home to begin preparing our feast. The 'Grands' and their parents were to arrive after 12:30 PM. I managed to get all the eggs hid despite Bella running off with one and playing a game of catch me if you can. Took me 20 minutes to finally rescue the egg from her, undamaged. Amazing! Ham was cooking away. Fruit was cut. Salads were made. We even had time to relax before their arrival.

When they arrived...they dived right into their baskets...


 Then it was time for the anticipated egg hunt...

 While they looked over their findings...

We finished up the last details to our celebration feast. Since I was so busy getting all the food ready, my camera was not in my hand. Our meal was more then just wonderful, it was a blessing in so many ways. The conversation held, the company, the reason why we were all together, just made the day so special.

After dinner the kids wanted to go swimming. We thought, the pool was still a bit chilly, but the kids didn't think so at all. They were having a great time...until at 3:40 when...

Matthew 28:2
2 Suddenly there was a great earthquake! For an angel of the Lord came down from heaven, rolled aside the stone, and sat on it.

Seriously...though there was no stone rolled, nor did an angel appear, (maybe we just didn't see it at the time, but there was definatrly one here). We had the biggest earthquake we have felt since leaving the Bay Area in California. It regestered at 7.2 and made a special report on CNN and numerious other channels as well.

The kids were in the pool when it began. At first there was just little waves but within seconds it was sloshing over each side of the pool. It felt like it wasn't going to stop. We finally got the kids out of the pool before it became a little tsunami.

The waves in the pool got so high, well over 6" and we lost over 3" of water out of the pool.

I wondered why my hubby only popped his head out when it began. My daughter went into the house to have him come out and see what the pool was doing. However he was busy holding the doors to my china cabinet closed so it wouldn't fall over or the dishes fall out and break. Not sure it was the safest thing to do but I was thankful he thought to save my unreplacable old dishes. None of them broke, THANK GOD! In fact we gave thanks a number of times. The linen cabinet shock open and linen fell to the floor, pictures fell out of place, but none broke. A few things fell off the bookcase but again, nothing broke. My mother's crystal, which is in a different cabinet then my old dishes, rocked and moved to the very edge of the shelf, but again, not a single glass broke. Praise God! We are a bit worried about our business and our policeman son will go by and check it out for us. It's a very old brick building and after seeing the damage done to other buildings, I sure hope ours is okay.

Since our swimming was shook short, we decided to have desert. It was to be the first time we used my new chocolate fountain and took a brief moment of lessons on to how use it with very patient children watching. Once we got it was awesome. The 'Grands' sure did enoy it...not to mention the adults.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your families. I know we had one we will never forgot.

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  1. Sounds like you had a very exciting day!! I had heard about the earthquake in Mexico but didn't know who/where was felt.



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