Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Day With Family

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having all my kids here with their families. Though our son did not have his kids for the day, it was still a wonderful and memorable time.

The day began with them getting ready for a trip to the river to play. However, a wind storm was blowing through and made it a bit nasty out on the river.

So after just about an hour, they came back home where the little ones played in the yard for a number of hours. The poor Boy kept crashing off the swing set. He was determined to do this or that trick, resulting in tumbles and one scratched up little face and fat lip. However, those bumps and boo's did not slow him down. What ever it was he was trying to master, he will achieve that success someday, but for now we guided him to other activities so to save his precious little face.

Earlier in the day, I put my ribs in the oven to slow cook them before BBQing them to get that grilled texture. As they came off the grill and while the beans and corn were finishing up cooking, it gave time for family to gather in the kitchen for great conversation. Some decided to relax in the hot tub since the wind made it to cold too swim in the pool. A few played on the beach or with the dogs in the yard. Unfortunately the camera was not always taking pictures, bummer.

When it was time to sit down and eat, the conversations and time together will remain a memory in my heart for a long time. At times we were laughing so much it was hard to take a bite of the delicious ribs. It was just a great day all around and Praise God for the ability to have such wonderful days.

I love having the family here. Can't wait for the next time.


  1. Wow, your pics are are great of your family !!!
    Your ppost was neat to read too, especially because you are not afraid to mention God.
    He is ASWESOME and the reason for our life turning around, long story.
    Anyhoo's I do hope you'll pop by my blog and that we can become friends, its the main reason I started mine last Oct. Somedays there aren't many comments but its a joy to be blogging and to read other wonderful posts, and share. If you don't mind, I will add on as a follower here and hope you will do the same at mine sometime. Comments and followers are like Hugs I've heard, and I agree.
    So, blessings and big Iowa Hugs to you from an x Cali girl~~~Dena

  2. What a wonderful day! Im so happy you got to spend some time wtih everyone.

  3. I love how you took pictures all through out the day!



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