Monday, March 8, 2010

The Morning After...In The Hands of God!

UPDATE: I was unable to pick up the kiddo's today for our Monday Grand-day. I really dislike letting them down but they were fore warned yesterday. However they will come by after dance for puppy play though.


Last night when our son called about the christening gown, it HURT! All kinds of things swam through me.

I often wonder if other's have experienced the trials and tribulations we have.

I reached out to my blog friends, whom are great at offering objective advice since they are have no ties to any of this other then being supportive. Thank you for your love, hope and understanding.

As I layed in my hubbies arm, we reflected more on the time we just had. For an instant, the gown was the least of our burdens. We agreed that she can not take away our love. The memories we created this weekend will not be forgotten or tainted. As we prayed, God will present us with the answers to all of this. In His glory, we praised Him for what we have and will continue to move forward. We will continue to pray for her that she finds her way around all her distructive acts and do the right thing. Realize that returning something of no value to her is the right thing. Realize that we will always be an important part of our 'Grands' life. Realize that our son is an awesome dad who would and did almost everything for his children.

I will continue to pray for patience and wait for God's will to be done.

However, it will need the help of the courts to resolve ALL the tangled webs weaved through this divorce of lies and deceit. God has a mighty job before Him, and our Faith will remain strong that all things will be resolved in his glory.

For now, I will continue to journal privately on this part of Our Journey Through LIFE and share it with the world when the time is right. Please know how much I hate not putting it all out there just yet.

Thank you all, for the understanding, for the prayers, and the love for our family. God has allowed us to have some awesome people in our lives throughout this journey.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Today is Monday Grand Day...dancing...puppy play...grand play. It all begins at 2:55 so off I go to get ready for another awesome day of being a grandma.

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