Sunday, March 7, 2010

All Great Things Must Come to an End...

But not before the most memorable weekend continued to be full of love, fun, and enjoying our time together.

All the 'Grands' did a wonderful, awesome photo shoot with Jennifer Blackwell.

I can't wait to get our cd of the moments she captured. Even after the first location that contained 4 different segments, they were all so cooperative. My policeman son said to his father, "We got all the kids to smile, just not all at the same time. We got all the kids to sit, just not all at the same time!"

Of this enire time, there was only one small snag, I had dropped one of Giggle's new bracelets. It is not uncommon that the grams is asked to hold many things and my hands were so full, I adapted to the waitress technique of using the forearms to hold the many items. Somehow, one item slipped through my fingers and I was not aware of it till each 'Grand' came to retreive their items. With a photo shoot on a time line, there was not time to go to every single place they had their picture taken. We looked at the first place but really had to move on with the photographer. To calm her disappointmet, I promised we would come back after the next location and spend more time looking.

The next location was to be at the old train depot. We made the quick drive over only to find it was under construction and the train was looked behind cyclone fencing. Monkey Man was so cute..."They are building it better", he said. We agreed and promised the next time they come for a visit it will surely be completed and we can spend the whole day checking it out. As we walk the train tracks, Spitfire and I had the most cuties conversation. "My ears hear a train!" "Yes, so do mine." "Your ears hear the train?" "Yes, my ears can hear the train". "My eyes can see the train!" "Yes, my eyes see the train too!"

Then she saw her dad who was just ahead but blocked by a tree until we turned the curve. "Daddy...does your ears hear the train?"

When we left the old train depot, my daughter and I stopped back by the first location to look for the bracelet. Bug and Ellie Bellie helped and at the last location we found the bracelet. "Giggles is going to be so happy," said Ellie Bellie. Sure enough, by the time we got back to the house, everyone else was already home. Ellie Bellie runs from the car, "Giggles, Giggles, Grandma found your bracelet!" Giggles..."I know she did!" "How did you know?" "Grandma is good at finding things!"

While we were at the photo shoot, Grandpa was home preparing dinner.

It is a tradition he makes his famous Chicken Fajita's.
While we waited for dinner, some visited the horses...

Spitfire played peek a boo...

Some watched
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Finally dinner was ready.

The kids love eating at their very own table.

It was soon time for presents...

and Giggle's wanted to change into her Kaiya Eve petty skirt for the party.
She also needed some love from her daddy. 

Then all three of our birthday princess's blew out their candles

After everyone else had gone home, and before it was time for bed, 3 little clowns played Jack in the Box...

When morning was very stormy. I mean REAL stormy. It is not often we get hail. We were so busy preparing breakfast we didn't realize it had. Later on we were asked, if we saw the hail. No, but we heard it!

Rainy days mean play doh...

Mid day the sun peeked out and the 'Grands' were able to go out and play.

These two girls had the time of their life..

So did we! It was hard to goodbye, but this time we know we will be seeing them again. God has rewarded us for our patience and His plan is unfolding before our eyes. Our heart are strong and we will continue forward sharing and loving our 'Grands'

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  1. Beautiful children, great pictures. I am so glad you had such a great time with the grands.



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