Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a Wonderful Day...

Oh My!

It has been the most wonderfully, perfect, extrordinary day!

It all began with the 3 'Grands' we had not seen in almost a year coming for a visit. Monkey Man was the first one out of the truck, saw his grams and came running full steam ahead into my arms. He held me so so tight and was not going to break away anytime soon. He finally wanted to give gramps hugs and jumped out of my arms into his. Next came Giggles and she to ran up and jumped into my arms. She is so beautiful! Spitfire lived up to her name. Being only a year and half the last time we saw her, it took her awhile to remember us but not that long.

After making our way into the house, they other 'Grands' arrived and Ellie Bellie and Giggles were soon unseparable. We began with opening their Christmas gifts. These are just a few of the many photos...

I wonder what Ellie Bellie had on her mind. She is definitely giving something some thought. It was great to watch these kids play and explore. They had so much fun together. After gifts all the kids went out and played at the beach (our version of a sandbox), swang on the swings, and chased Bella, or shall I say Bella chased them.

It was then time to get ready for their photo shoot. I can't wait to see all the photo's. But here is a sneak peek...

I took these while Jennifer did her magic.

I'll stop here for tonight. I still need to upload more pictures. We had 3, sometimes 4 camera's going all day. And the stories to go with them.

Tonight I will dream of all the memories we created today.

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  1. You had me going and I wanted to know what Gramps made for dinner? Nice pictures all in green, great idea. have a blessed visit with your grands. kare



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