Monday, February 15, 2010

No Monday 'Grand' Day

Nope not this week...the kiddo's are over in California visiting their dad for the 3 day weekend. As always we miss them but know they are having a great time with their him. He also got them a new puppy, so I'm sure they are enjoying getting to know her.

Actually he had gotten them this little cutie for Christmas and before the kiddo's got there, it got out, ran off and couldn't be found. They made flyers and posted them around the appartment complex. Finally a week or so ago, someone who had found her, must have saw one of the flyers and the puppy was returned. This is as least the story we are told. Now you would have to know our ex SIL to understand how we don't always believe what we are told and the fact that most information comes by way of the kids. Our theory on the subject is that he applied for the adoption of her and since the process can take 3-4 weeks, something he didn't know, came up with the story of her getting lost until the paper was completed. But the bottom line is, the kiddo's are happy that she is back, or there, and that they will finally get to meet her and play with her. I'm sure they are having a great time this weekend.

So no 'Grands' today. Also no pictures of their Valentines or the party at school. If you hadn't seen my picture posted on my Life - 365 Days a Year, here it is...

This is why...Yep, Bella got a hold of it while I was at Bible Study! A new cord was orderd immediatly and should be here tomorrow or the next day. I was directed to Radio Shack for a flash type thing that my camera card goes into, but have yet to make my way there. Since hubby is only working part of the day today, maybe he will take me in between applying stain and the finish coat on the columns. Would be nice to have some another back up device for my dinosaur of a laptop. In fact it would be nice to have a NEW laptop! One with the slots and other neat things they now have available. Who knows, maybe this year, now that we are done with the major contruction of that never ending remodel that took 7 years. Now money can go for other things, like accessories to spice up our new space, some furnishings and other odds and ends we went without during that time.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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