Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Take Me Back Tuesday

I just love Take Me Back Tuesday's

My MIL's 6 pack 1982

My three are 3rd, 4th, and 5th from the left,
or 2nd, 3rd, 4th from the right, LOL.

These cousins did so much together...


Here they are with a cousin, (far right) at Malakoff Diggins.

The parents owned some property in North San Juan, outside,
or shall I say, up the mountain from Nevada City.

We had so many wonderful years camping
while Dad and Hubby were busy building up the property.

The parents would sell this property in 1998, closing a chapter of our lives.

In 2007, hubby and I went back up to check it out.

Here is what it looks like now...

The buyer developed it and the one lot left,
was were we had always wanted to build our house.
For a brief moment, we thought about buying it.

This was the very first campsite, in 1975, and still looked the same.

By the time the kids arrived, a new site was being created
and it now looks like this

We continued onward and found that the old Hippy Store, Mother Trucker's,
was still at the corner heading out toward the diggins.

The one and only gas station, grocery store, deli, hardware store
was still there as well.

Many community pancake breakfast were ate here.

Back in 1976, my hubby and I carved our initals in this bridge.

Unfortunately there had been a fire and some graffiti has marred it
but our intitial were still there.

A plank was missing that had the ry of Liz n Larry, though faded after 31 years. An older couple, was visiting the bridge and were intrigued by our story and offered to take our picture.

Across the bridge is the creek that our children
spent countless hours swimming.

It was a nice trip back and hope someday we can get our 'Grands' up there to play, explore, and create some new memories all of their own.

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  1. That sounded like so much fun to go back and look at! Truly a perfect Take Me Back Tuesday post!

  2. What a wonderful Journey! It is so true though that you can never go back. Things are always changing and memories cannot be recreated. New ones can be made... and old ones can be cherished. Love it!



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