Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Remodel-Part 1

I had a request for pictures of the remodel. Since it took us 7 years, not that we worked on every day, and sometimes it was months of no work being done, I really wouldn't be able to show it all in one post.

The master bathroom alone was 4 years from start to finish, but no work was done for almost 2 of those years due to my health. What took us the longest was the tiling. We did it all ourselves and the inlays were very intricate as you can see. The glass wall tiling alone was removed and replaced probably 3 times and getting the correct form took a few tries to match the glass block, but he got'er done.

These photo's are before the curtain rod was installed

Not the best picture, I'm being lazy, instead of taking a new one, downloading then uploading the new picture it was so much easier to just crop one from back then.

There you have our shower area that use to have a raised 5 foot round garden tub in it's place with lovely pink carpet. Next to the garden tub was a 3 x 3 shower stall. In the beginning of my health declining, I actually fell out of it. With my eyes closed while washing my hair, I thought I was leaning up agaist the wall when in fact it was the door and out I went. So out it went and in it's place we built a toilet room and had just enough space to include a small cabinet for towels and supplies.

Again we did more inlays dividing the spaces.

Out in the sink area we even got creative with the tile
I just love my sink! We reused the mirror from the orginal layout but had it cut smaller to fit between the cabinets a friend of ours made for us.

Across from the sink area is my hubby's nook. We installed a pocket door that leads into my closet, which use to be one of our boys room. More on that room later though you can see part of it in these photo's.

As with any of our project, there are still a few things we need to take care of. Like the molding around the toilet room and the doorway out of the bathroom. I still don't have doors up as we haven't found the perfect old doors we want to use with a sliding barn door railing. Instead of waiting on these items we continued on to other parts of the house, until we can concentrate on the search. With the major construction done, we are now there, searching, shopping, fine tuning, unpacking and arranging.

Our master bedroom was probably one of the easiest room to do. There was a walk in closet to the left of the double doors. We took it out and reduced it to a smaller closet to hang all my dresses and gowns. (yay, I have gowns if you must know for those convention banquets we go to) Right now I put up a curtain until a door shows itself and says, hey, I'm perfect for there. We also took out the solid double doors and added the french doors. Since these pictures were taken, we (or shall I say hubby) frosted the glass and painted them black. New flooring, new paint but old bedding. I haven't seen anything that pops out that isn't under a few hundred and until other things get completely completed, I can live with what I have. What I couldn't live with is those curtains. They are gone and only the sheers are up right now. The table the T.V. is on actually belongs in the family room behind the couch but I need to find or have made a shelving unit to hold the T.V. I now have a large round table next to the bed in the corner with the two windows. I really need to take new pictures!

So here are the last of the photo's of what we call our master suite.

Boy, I now see dust all over the table...oh well, that was my life! Also, that post bed - GONE! I guess I should take new pictures after all, but not tonight, but definately after the housekeeper leaves next week, LOL!


  1. Ohhh, I just want to come to your house just so I can take a shower! ;)

    And, I love your change jar in your bedroom...we use one of those, too!

  2. The bathroom is amazing. I want one!!

    Can't wait to see updated pics!

  3. I love love love it! Thanks for giving me a littel inspiration for our remodel! Ugh, I do know that these things take forever! We purchased our house almost 5 years ago and broke ground on the addition over 2 years ago! Yes, I know I'm in for at least 6 more least. But, in the end it will be so worth it! Thank you for posting these!

  4. Oh my goodness! Beautiful. We need a bathroom remodel done, sure wish you guys would do it for us ;)



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