Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Remodel-Part 2

On to 3 other rooms and a hallway. 2 of the rooms were bedrooms for our boys. Our daughter was already at college when we bought this place and when she came home for a visit, she had the guest house all to herself.

The first bedroom is the one right off our bathroom through my hubby's closet breezway we created. After our fireman son went off to college we painted the room like the sky and added a rainbow. It first had our daughter old Lullaby crib in it for our first grandson to take naps at grandma's. After the crib came down, hubby made me the twin bed using real pickets for a fence. When the pocket door went in we added all the white custom shelving and closets. There is an identical closet like the one you see here on the other side of the bed. The Raggedy Ann's were made for me by my MIL, one in 1975...

The other she made me when moved to Yuma, 1994. That little gray coat, is one she made for my daughter when she was a year old.

I wanted a unique vanity and what better to go with the bed and the mural but an arbor. Hubby added the shelf and wired a light under it. I now use 'S' hooks on the lattice to hold scarfs, some neckless's, and other personal item. He also added a power strip in the cabinet on the right that houses the blow dryer, curling iron and hot brush. The chair still has that pad in a pillow case, makes for easy washing, but I plan to make new covers sometime. On each side of the vanity are Closetmaid closet organizers. I was going to add roman type blinds to them to cover them up. So many little touches to complete or add but the bones of the room is done.

The other wall and door leads out to the hallway. Excuse my laundry, but afterall, it is a closet. The old sewing cabinet is now in the new laundry/craft room. On the door jam, but not in the picture, we have been measuring the 'Grand' and marking the dash with their name, date and inches. Also, as you saw in one of the bathroom pictures, I had pictures taped to the wall of our ancestors. They were taken down for this picture and now have been replaced, in frames, showing our family tree. A friend of mine painted the tree and added extra details to blend with the wallpaper bourder. It turned out better then I had expected. The one area by the shelve is where the closet was for this room. It has now been painted.

In between this room and the other bedroom, is the 2nd bathroom. I actually had before pictures of it. I have before pictures of the other rooms on print, just not scanned and added to the computer. So here is what it looked like before...

And after...

We replaced the vanity, toilet and flooring, leaving the tub in place. We also did the Venician Plaster technique on the walls. I just love how it came out.

The other bedroom at the other end of the hall was our policeman sons room. When he went off to the Navy, it became a guest room and we had these built in installed.

It's not the best picture of it and I'm sure in my prints I have one of this room with my boys childhood displayed on the shelves before we began turning it into the laundry/craft room. We also expanded the closet, taking out the wall between this rooms closet and the closet in the other bedroom. He added Closetmaid organizers all along on wall and across the back. It now houses all my photos and scrapbooking supplies are on a wheeled wire shelving unit that I can roll out with ease. As soon as I get all the wedding stuff, the Christmas wrapping supplies and photos rehung on walls, out of the way, I will take a new picture of these areas and add an update. No way do you want to see what a mess it is in there.

On the wall opposite the closet is where we put the washer/dryer.

It use to be in this area which is on the other side of the wall, so changing it just meant switching the plumbing from one wall side to the other. We also added new hardwood flooring to this room. In fact, my whole house, except for the bathrooms, entry and kitchen are done with hardwood flooring.

And this space now looks like this, my pantry.
Of course we now have flooring and granit counters.

More on this romm later

Back to the laundry room..

Again, a new picture would show the counters installed and the computer area in the opposite corner that incorporates the built in in the other photo. The cabinets above the washer and dryer are not very practical, something we figured out after installed. Plan was to store cleaning supplies but since that didn't work, we decided to use the space for extra bedding and towels. The other cabinets have my jewelry making supplies, office supplies, filing boxes in the two big lower cabinets and that drawer, it is my ironing board and below it is where the ironing supplies go, such as iron on appliques, the plug for the iron and the iron it self.

The last area for today is the hallway that contects these 3 rooms. It use to have this dividing it from what was once a formal living area but we used as a formal dining area. You can see the shelves as well as the old doors for our bedroom. Don't you just love the doggy lock on my doors. Our Maybell, the chocolate lab knew how to open the door and enjoy my bed so we had to come up with a way to keep her out.

Once the shelves were removed, it really opened up the space and hubby created columns. We still haven't finished them though, just don't know if we want to paint or stain. I'm leaning toward staining since we used really nice birds eye pine. He has one more to add out in the kitchen area (not really major construction, he makes them in the shop, then brings them into place). We also have a can of the stain they used for the kitchen if we decide to stain them all the same color.

Excuse my hubby's apparel, remember it gets HOT here! While he worked on this I painted the built in hutch.

This space was used for a dining room...

...until we started on the new kitchen, which you all will get to see in part 3.


  1. Seriously...the work is amazing! I am so excited that you are showing the pictures. Thank you.

  2. That's a lot of work. I love the tree on the wall in the childs bedroom!

  3. I love these pictures! Keep them coming!



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