Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's A New Day!

Feeling better now...well at least my dispostion!

Although I didn't think it would be better at first!

At first Hubby didn't wish me anything but good morning. I was waiting for the Happy Birthday! On went GMA, Good Morning, today is...and still nothing. Ok, yesterday is becoming today. Last night in my quirkiness, I bit off his head, which didn't taste good and quickly appoligised. All he did was start a recorded, yes recorded, which mean it can be started over, while I wasn't in the room. So this morning, when I didn't get the HAPPY wishes I was expecting, I again thought he wasn't thinking of me yet again. Then a couple hours later he came back home and I thought, WOW, he remembered and came all the way to give me my wishes. WRONG! He needed something for work and out the door he went again.

What does a birthday girl on her birthday ALONE? Take down the last of the Christmas tree's. The main tree. The biggest tree. The tree with the most lights, the most ornaments, vines and berries, birds and ribbons. So I gingerly went to work on it. Took me 3 hours, but it is done.

The box below was my MIL's and came with her when they moved out to California in 1969. When I inherited all her ornaments, I also inherited the box. I keep it covered in the same plastic bag she had around it and when my daughter inherits it, she too will be required to take care of the box that is probably close to 50 years old.

Then the phone rings and I see it is him. Love caller ID! I almost let it go to the machine for I didn't want to let him off the hook, so I answered. Yes, he was calling to wish me Happy Birthday. He realized what day it was when he had to write the date on a customers order. I said thank you, have a great day at work, see you later, click. Not but a few minutes later he called back. "Hey, think you will be up to going out to dinner?" Ok, that was nice of him. Sounds good.

Though I just hate everyone has to ask, ARE YOU UP for, fill in the blank, but that is my life. No...this is Our Journey Through LIFE!


  1. Enjoy being taken out even if it did take him a while to remember!!!

  2. Happy Bday, and have a wonderful dinner.

  3. Happy birthday! Sorry it didn't go as you would have liked, but I hope you enjoyed dinner!



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