Monday, January 11, 2010

It is Monday, Right!

Today my Monday was to be the first Back to Normal, Monday. The 'Grands' are home from visiting their dad for the holidays, back to school, and I pick them up after to do dance and homework until mom get doen with work. Sounds about normal, right!

Wrong, hubby is still sick so no work for him today. He had been laying in the bed that is usually made by now until he decided he wanted some toast and tea after I had already shined my sink and counters for the day. Programs I usually watch are being interupted for his, but that is ok, I'm on here and not paying attention to what's on there.

Oh, and as I was starting the dishwasher, I noticed that the jet dry was low, so I grabbed the bottle to fill it. It didn't take long, a few seconds, to realize I grabbed the liquid dish soap. A bit of frustration overcame me for just a few minutes and for a few good reason's. 1. NEVER do I buy such a small bottle of dish soap, but hubby said last week that is all they had in the brand I use. So under the sink it went, and 2. not to the back where I usually keep the big bottle, but right next to the jet dry and dishwasher tablets. Ok, so I am a stickler for things being in the right places, just ask my daughter. Had it been put in it's right place, I would have never grabbed it. Hubby defending himself, said I should have noticed, but I quickly pointed out that they are the same size, same color, and in the same place. Next time, put it away where it belongs.

Finally, when I pick up the 'Grands' from school, after dance and sometime either before or when we get home for homework, I have to break the news about Maybell. I feel strong and confident that I will be able to accomplish this, just not sure how they will react. It will be their first time dealing with a death of someone they have loved all thier lives, all 5 and 8 of them. Maybell was not just a dog, she was a buddy, a companion, and did I say buddy already.

It is Monday-Right! I think without a doubt it will be a second to last Monday, the day we lost Maybell, being one of the hardest to get through, but get through we will.

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  1. Monday's are hard.

    Hope you have a nice week.



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