Monday, January 11, 2010

A Blessed Day

I need to remember God's will is as strong as my Faith!

In praying to Him on having to tell the 'Grands' about Maybell, He was there with us and allowed the moment to be a true blessing.

Of course their first reaction was of sadness. 'Ellie Bellie' was first, while 'Bug' kept asking questions. When we arrived at the house, (we ditched dance today so to have more time with them and answer any and all question) the first thing they commented on was how Maybell use to greet us at the gate. When 'Ellie Bellie' came in to see grandpa, she gave him a hug and in that adorable, sweet, loving voice, tells grandpa, "Life is different here now!" Bug seemed to be concerned with the where and how she got hit. I know it is because he see's other roadkill. (sorry, but when you live in the country, there tends to be animals along the road, as much as I hate to see that myself, and my heart breaks, our dear dog being seen the same way tugs, but am so glad she wasn't) Her hit was clean, if that makes sense. She acquired a head injury and that is all. She looked good, though I didn't see her, my hubby says she just looked asleep. Bug wanted to know where so we showed him. I wondered if he thought he would see something, but am so glad there was nothing to see. I think it made him feel better that she was not like other animals he has seen. How I wish we could blind our children or grands from this kind of life, but it is what it is and all we can do is explain it in a way they understand and paint a better picture then that of their wondering minds.

The best way to distract is to attract other things of interest, so we went out to the lemon tree and did our yearly pictures.

Then picked some lemon's...

Posed with the said lemons...

Then came in the house and made...

Now, I see the can of instant can be seen in the background but I can testify under oath, we never used it. Bug got it out when we began squeezing the lemons. I guess he thought we had to use it too but of course I told him we didn't need it.

Though my Monday was not be like others, it surely wasn't as bad as last Monday. In fact, it was a very BLESSED Monday.


  1. Awwww, how sad to have to go on without your Maybelle.
    It's good that things are looking up and that you are feeling better at least.
    I have some serious lemon tree envy, we can't grow any fruit trees where we live, it's too cold and the summer season too short.

  2. So glad you things are better.

    I like lemon juice (with lots of sugar of course).



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