Monday, December 7, 2009


My day started out with my chin dragging a bit and I kept telling myself to keep my chin up, keep my chin up, keep my chin up, almost ALL day!

Isn't it the truth, that when we are having a small Pity Party for ourselves, and in my case, praying to God to help me rise above it...He ANSWERS in ways we never expected.

A giggle from a grandchild, a nice afternnoon with one of my boy's, and then tonight, the other one calls, though brief, it lifted my chin. God's way of showing us he hears and sees all.

Then I was doing some reading and found a blog that made my troubles seem so small, and again I praised God and thanked him for lifting my chin while other's needed his help as well.

The words that struck my heart were:

"When God is being glorified through a situation or people are falling to prayer in a way that maybe they haven't done in a while, Satan will attack. He will do whatever he can to take eyes off of God, eyes off of a sick little boy, eyes off things that are pure, excellent, and praiseworthy and he will try to put those eyes on things that are negative and angry."

So to defy Satan and I will continue praising God for all he does, from the littlest to the largest, for to Him the size of our burden isn't how the prayers are received, just that we asked Him into our hearts and lifes and live for Him.

Thanking God for all he does.

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  1. Hi there, thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm sorry you lost your parents around the holidays. Makes it bittersweet, I bet. My wishes to you for a peaceful and blessed season. I love the song on your blog (kind of makes me cry). God bless.
    PS: the grandbabies make it all worthwhile :)



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