Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Keeping My Chin Up!

As construction winds down on the dining room...I'm keeping my chin up!

As the Holidays are moving forward FAST and I'm not...I'm keeping my chin up!

As my boy's go through things a parent would not want them to experience...I'm keeping my chin up!

Here is where I should open up for support but it's hard to put the words in proper order. I'm sure others have gone through the same things. I'm sure the road of life will have more turns, hills, bumps and potholes, so...I'll just keep my chin up!

Somehow, someway, I will get out of this funk. It could just be I am tired from our last adventure...still...I WILL keep my chin up! 

Today I will convince myself to casually unpack more Christmas to get the mood moving. Maybe do some online shopping, since my body is saying slow down. Plus, today is Grandma Monday where I pick the kiddo's up from school, go to dance,  and I WILL KEEP MY CHIN UP! 


  1. Well whatever it is that is haranguing you, I hope you do have a support system! It's hard to keep your chin up sometimes if you feel alone.

  2. Hang in there honey! The Christmas decorating always helps put me in a better mood.


  3. I have a wonderful support system, and rarely feel alone. I have chaulked it up to Monday Blues after a very exciting weekend. Thanks.



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