Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy 101 Sweet Friends Award

Arizona Momma at Our Daze in the Desert included me in her TEN. I must now list ten things that make me happy, and then pass it on to ten others.

Ten things that make me happy:

1. My darling 'GRANDS'
2. My Family
3. My Friends
5. Our remodel being completed
6. My new kitchen
7. Making memories
8. Photography
9. Our beautiful Arizona Sunsets
10. Christmas

I am passing this on to Mrs H at Standing Firm in Quicksand, K Breints at A Little Crazy & A Lot of Love, Lauren at The Little Things We Do, Jeanette at And on to Today, Jayme at The Tater Twins, Annie at Santiago Twin Girls, Angel at Emily Makes Three, Grammie at The Grammie Diaries, Keely at MannLand5, and finally Mama M at My Little Life.


  1. Thanks Elizabeth! You're sweet for thinking of me..:-)

  2. thanks for the award elizabeth! i've gotten this one before, so i won't post it on my blog, but i'll tell you 10 things that make me happy anyway if you don't mind :).

    1. doing nothing with my husband.

    2. watching my dog play in the snow.

    3. sushi.

    4. clean laundry,,,that someone else folds and puts away for me.

    5. when i have a song stuck in my head and then it comes on the radio.

    6. finishing a book.

    7. laughing with my family.

    8. hostessing.

    9. helping people.

    10. kid stories.

    thanks again lovely lady. hope you had a great wednesday, and hope you have a happy new year!

  3. Thank you. I will blog about it tomorrow!!

  4. Sweet :) Thanks, Elizabeth. I'm going to bookmark this post and find a good spot for it on my blog (which is under construction). Thank you for thinking of me. Happy New Year!

  5. Thank you!! Have a great new year!

  6. Hey Elizabeth!!! Thank you so much for the award! That's so sweet of you...yikes...I've gotta leave you a comment on that earthquake post of yours, too!!! Wowza!

  7. I just happened to come across this, thank you so much! I will blog about it this weekend!

  8. Thank you!
    Posted my 10 here: http://inquicksand.blogspot.com/2009/12/happy-101-sweet-friends-award.html

  9. Thank you Elizabeth. I'm so sorry that I'm doing it too later but better later than never.



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