Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Journey Just Keeps Getting Better?

Not really!

You see, I am once again laid up. Saying I HATE it, is an understatement.

I wish I could go to the doctor's and they could actually cure me. But that ain't happening!

Having no insurance since 2005, yes, I am one of many in our nation riding on this boat, which plays a big role in my care. Getting insurance with pre existing conditions, is well, very expensive. So we call ourselves, self insured. The money that would go for insurance premiums goes into a savings, or is suppose to, some months sales aren't there to do it, but we keep plugging away at it. Regular visits isn't the problem and I am really good about keeping these appointments, it's the cost of the test. My MRI's cost $6.000, the PET scans cost $1200 and up, and everytime I am taken in by ambulance, it's a wopping $7,500 for just the E.R. and the test they want to do because they won't listen to us. Then when they realize when the results come back that we knew what we were talking about, they pump in the meds to calm things down, then send me home. So now, since we have had 4 years understanding how it all works, I cannot allow the medical world to control my life or our pocket book. To spend all that money for them to say, this is what is happening and there is nothing we can do is ridiculous. I now know what is happening. Earlier this year, $300 for a neurosurgeon to tell us she doubts anyone would opperate on me, put an end to trying to be cured. It is just my life now and on my good days, enjoy each and every moment. On my bad days, like I  have had these last few weeks, there is nothing I can do but rest, and wait it out.

I am always hopeful, that those days come, and they do. I have a strong faith in God and he knows what he is doing. To say when my time here is over is not for me or the doctors to decide but His. He makes me strong and I know when it is His time, He will be right here for me and my family.

I love that I have found this blogging world, I love that I have the abilty to share and I love that it makes me feel connected.

And YES, Our Journey Through LIFE will be an adventure, as it always has been, and always will be. We're just enjoying the ride!


  1. It is wonderful that you have a great attitude about your medical issues/condition. It is the pits that you do not have medical insurance. I also love this new found blogging world, it makes me feel less alone in life. I have mixed feelings about doctors and hospitals. Sometimes I think they are the best, and sometimes I think they do not understand not all of can afford to have all those 'let's rule it out' tests done. Keep the faith and enjoy the ride.

  2. Yep that's what we stopped doing...the let's do this and see's...and started to enjoy the journey, what ever and where ever it leads us.



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