Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Favorite Things and a GIVEAWAY!

Seems I keep finding really cool blogs to follow and enjoy the creativity some have. They all inspire me to learn more and bring out the creativity I know is within me. You too, can follow this blog by clicking the link above.

Now, onto My Favorite Things!

Most of my favorite things can't be bought in a store.
They are found close to my heart and in my life

My FAVORITE time of the year...

My FAVORITE God's Creation...

Arizona gives me my FAVORITE sunsets

While Maui gives me my FAVORITE sunrises
Photo Courtesy of John Fischer, Guide
(I lost a lot of our picture when our computer crashed and have yet to rescan 2001-2004 pictures)

One of my FAVORITE things...
is watching my grandchildren play and grow

One of my FAVORITE things that
can be found while out shopping...

Would be this, which is needed to make
my FAVORITE Margarita's

Margaritaville® Frozen Concoction™

I bought one of these for my sister in law.
Now that I have this nice big kitchen with lots of cabinet space
and a pantry I think I should get one for myself.

Other then that, I don't really put a lot of thought into material things or see them as my FAVORITE things. Items like that can come and go, but FAVORITE things in the heart last a lifetime.

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