Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 19...Times they are a changing...

I have managed to find something to blog about for 19 days.
Amazing, since I am a rookie at this. Now to keep it up for 11 more days.

While blogging on

I am led to other blogs of many different topic. My daughter then shared one of her favorite blogs...


...which led me other blogs as well...

My Little Life


...and have actually signed up for a few other challenges. As if my life isn't challenging enough? At least while I am laid up, I now feel I am being productive!

I find self learning can be a good thing. While reading others blogs, I learn new things, new ways to blog, new recipes, new crafts, new ways to take pictures, even new ways on how to save and clip coupons using the internet. We are never to old to learn something in new. Life is a daily lesson afterall.

I find that many of the blogs are from mom's...stay at home mom's, working mom's, self employed mom's and mom's with ill children or children with disabilities. Blogs from bride's, grandparent's, minister's to name just a few.

If only we had these resources when raising our kids. With what we did have available back then, I think we did a pretty good job, despite all our road blocks and hurdles we had to overcome. Believe me...we had our fair share of set backs and hills to climb, with no internet to connect with other mom's or parent's going through similar things. While in the Shriner system, for over 10 years, we did have great support group's. Then there was the Mother of Twin's meetings and our home town had a Children's Rainbow Lending Library so that we didn't have to buy everything but could check it out like books from a library. We kept our kids in a Co-op Nursery School until kindergarten then registered them in an Alternative school program so they could continue learning at their pace. We stayed involved and sought out many resources, even from CPS, which had come into our life during a very difficult time, but provided great parenting support groups such as Parent's Anonymous and Touch Love. Anything to help us raise our children the best way we could with what we were presented with and be able to share with other parents going through similar things. I feel we did do a great job, one is now a Fireman/Paramedic, his twin a Policeman, and their sister runs our business while working at the church in the Children's Music Ministry and Nursery.

Times they have a changed...just like our time was different then our parent's, and our parent's time was different then their parent's and so on. I wonder what will parenting be like for our grandchildren. Will it have any of the old fashion basics? Will these be lost to the times? I hope and pray not, for the foundation in children must somehow remain with some of these traditions, that the internet cannot soley supply. These traditions need to remain along with the internet to help them grow and build a strong life and family of their own from a sound foundation provided by their parents. Without a strong foundation, houses would fall apart. Even with all we went through, our foundation remained strong and our kids didn't fall apart as other's who had gone through what we did. Our faith and love, traditions, support, and growth, was the mortar that held it all together.

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