Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 20...Grace in Small Things

Here's another challenge...but is it a challenge to see the little things in life? After all, the little things make the BIG things bearable.

Beginning January 1, 2010 I hope and pray that with the GRACE of God, I can succeed at this challenge.

With the help of my daughter, 2010 will bring the launching of a new blog look, new layout, not to mention new challenges and new adventures. Since I am such a planner...from dinner' travel agenda' my Grandma day's...and sometimes, just my day...we will be working hard this next week and probably through the rest of the year, to set up my blog with a new look and new catagories. I am so excited.

2010...planning it already! I just noticed that day 20...leaving 10 more days to go...equals 2010. I'm just not a planner, but a number's person. Check it just name a few....
  • My daughter was born 1/2
  • Our annivesary is 3/4
  • My hubby's birthday is 4/5
  • And my twins were born 6, but not on the 7th since they were early.
  • The last 4 digits in my SS# are made up of the year we began dating and the year we bought our business
  • My hubby's last 4 digits of his SS# are made up of the year we started dating and the year our daughter was born
Could  this mean 2010 will bring GREAT things our way!

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