Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Love a Challenge...

As if my life hasn't had it's fair share of challenges, I just keep adding more for myself or dealing with some that came my way all on their own.

I have always been a picture person and those who know me, run and hide when my camera is in my hand, LOL. Not really!

Until the digital camera, I was spending a fortune on rolls of film getting developed. I would also miss shots because a roll limited the number of pictures you could take and no matter how well planned, there I go planning again, I never had enough. Now with the digital, I can click away to my little hearts content. Now I can capture many things, even some I had np plan too, ther I go again with the planning. I can pick and choose which one to delete, to print, to edit, to scrap...all right here on my own computer. If I so decided, I can send the via email to print, or load them on a card and print out on my photoshop printer. Just like me, things keep getting better.

Of course another blogger came up with a challenge and like always, I joined in.

Unfortunately I can't get her quick link button thing to work so here is her blog.

My Super Snapshot Saturday

Lillian dresses up....




  1. Adorable!! Thanks for playing along. I hope you join us every Saturday!


  2. So cute, my daughter loves dress up too!



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